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Music Games

Stay on beat as you make your way through our Music Games playlist. Whether it's exploring around the map in Rock Out, or winning the race in Hurdles, you'll have to keep the music in mind.

About Music Games

Have some fun with a few of our catchy yet fun music games. While there aren't a ton of games on this playlist yet, all of them have really interesting concepts to them. Rarely do games take full advantage of the audio aspect, so having a game based on music is a unique experience. With that being said, let's delve into what makes something a music game. 

What is a music game?

The concept of a music game is pretty simple – it is a game that ties music into the typical gameplay. For example, in the game Leap the Synth, your character will jump on every beat. This means that you must listen to the beat that way you can time your jumps correctly and make it through the map.

What is the best music game?

All of the music games here on our site are pretty fun in their own unique way. We recommend that you start with whichever one crosses over with some of your favorite genres. For example, if you are a big fan of platformer games, then Leap the Synth is definitely your game. It is pretty much the same game as every other platformer game, except for the movement is done to the beat of the song.

Looking for a wacky game where you are actually able to make music? Check out Yu Jammin, a game where you can actually lay down your own tracks. Players can use up to five different instruments to make their own beats and melodies. 

Will these games actually help me learn an instrument?

While these games won't actually teach you how to play any specific instruments, the ability to learn how to stay in rhythm is actually extremely important. Playing our music games is definitely no substitute for taking actual music lessons, but it is still a fun and possibly helpful collection of games.