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Addition / Subtraction

Have tons of fun with with the most basic math operations! Play Sudoku without a grid in Puzlogic Plus, trace number blocks to get to 10 in Plus 10, and find new ways to add in Sum Blocks!

Remove blocks by adding them up!
You've heard of addition by subtraction, but this game is subtraction by addition! Remove blocks by summing them up.
Use the overlapping area to hit the target sums!
Pick and choose the right numbers for the overlapping boxes. Can you hit all of the target numbers?
Add numbers to get them tumbling!
Hurry up, the clock is ticking! Find numbers that add up to the target and send them tumbling off.
Add and subtract to make zeroes.
Can you zero out? Remove blocks with addition and subtraction. Keep track of the numbers and keep your board clean.
Take Sudoku off the grid!
Take Sudoku off the grid! Each level is a new shape waiting to be solved.
Keep adding dots to hit the target number!
Try out a new twist on Sudoku! Add dots to the hexagons to make the target numbers.
Connect tiles to output the right sums.
Connect tiles to output the right sums. When you have everything just right the tiles will all light up!
Make gold with the perfect calculations!
Exercise your mathematical mind! Use four numbers and the four basic operations to make 24. Find the solution to earn a gold card.
Zero everything out!
Zero everything out! Use addition, subtraction and clever placement to clear every tile.
More than a by-the-numbers adventure!
Explore a huge mathiverse, chock full of equations. Grab the right numbers, watch out for traps, and hit the target score!
Everything must add up to 9!
Keep adding up to 9 before time runs out! Can you chain combos and unlock all the tiles?
Swap cards and make the high hand!
Swap cards to get the high hand! Can you knock out your opponents and win the game?
Connect the operations to reach the target number.
Find a route to the target number! Slide your number around the board. Use the operations at just the right time.
Connect the numbers and hit the targets.
Calculate and connect! Use a little math and a lot of planning to connect the numbers and hit the targets.
Push the dice together so they add up to 6!
The dice are all over the place! Push to combine them until they all add to 6.
Crunch numbers to collect coins.
Here's a number... how quickly can you get to it? Write the equation using fewer numbers for a bigger coin reward.
Draw a path to hit the target number!
Try to hit the target number in this game about adding! Connect the numbers with a line until you hit the target. For a harder challenge, try the 4x4 grid.
Place numbers on the grid to cancel the others out.
Arrange numbers on the grid to cancel the larger numbers out. Plan ahead and put the numbers in the right place!
Like our game, Twins, but with numbers on the balls.
This is like our game, Twins, but we put numbers on the balls. You have to match up numbers (like in our game Shisen) to make the correct sums.
Great arithmetic practice while you get to shoot stuff.
I've played this game until my arms were sore. It's great arithmetic practice while you get to shoot stuff. Can life get much better than that?
Take turns with the computer to pick numbers!
Compete against the computer to see who can pick numbers that add up to 15 first.
Just like our Marble Lines game, with addition.
This is just like our Marble Lines game, but we've made it an addition game. You have to shoot the ball that makes the right sum.
Find the path that adds up correctly.
Drag the square number tiles over the round number tiles to reduce their value to 0. Great for sharpening up your addition and subtraction skills!
How long can you last? Practice your addition!
Stack the colored orbs so that they add up to 21. How long can you last? Good for practicing your addition skills!
Fill in numbers correctly. Don't make a mistake!
I thought this was impossibly hard at first. The key is to fill in all single squares first, then look for doubles and up. Cool that you can ask for hints!
Like Pac Man.
This is a Pac Man type game, but you have to eat the monster that solves the math equation.
Pick numbers from the grid that solve the equation.
In this timed game, how fast can you pick out numbers from the grid that complete the missing spots in an equation?
Click on the fraction squares to make pairs!
Click on the fraction squares to make pairs that have a sum of 1... and do it as fast as you can!
Solve the problem, then find the answer!
In this game, you're given an arithmetic problem to solve... Once you find the answer, you have to find it on the grid of numbers - like in a word search game.
Ready, set... clash!
A head-to-head arithmetic showdown. Gain XP and level up. Ready, set... clash!
Remove the right numbers from the grid.
Remove numbers from the grid so that the numbers in each row or column add up to the right total.