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Addition / Subtraction Games

Have tons of fun with the most basic math operations! Play Sudoku without a grid in Puzlogic Plus, trace number blocks to get to 10 in Plus 10, and find new ways to add in Sum Blocks!

Additional Information on our Addition Subtraction Games

If you love simple math games, then these addition-subtraction games will definitely pique your interest. It's a great way to improve your basic math skills while still having a good time!

How can addition and subtraction get turned into a game?

Obviously, we aren’t just going to have you add 3 and 4 together, what would be the fun in that! In the Addition Subtraction Games Playlist, we try and ensure that the games are both fun and educational for you to play. Think of this playlist as a compilation of games that have been enhanced by the addition of basic math to give them a new dimension. For example, games like Puzlogic Plus and Math Man don’t require much math, they are more like games from our Logic Games Playlist that happen to have some math involved to give the games a new twist. 

What if addition and subtraction are super easy for me already?

That’s no problem! We have an entirely different playlist that includes some multiplication and division to challenge you a little bit more. Along with that, it has even more variety on it, so there are more games that you can win. If you want to check it out, click here to go test your other skills with these fun number games. 

So come explore our playlists full of simple math games and improve your basic math skills! You may be surprised – both at how much fun you have and at how much your addition and subtraction skills will improve. Once you have a better grasp of these skills, we have plenty more games on the Number Games Playlist when you feel ready to continue.