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Virtual Pet Games

Take care of your new pet in one of our virtual pet games. Train up your duck to win races or embark on a crazy adventure with your creature in A Strange Creature Joined My Party.

About Virtual Pet Games

Virtual pet games are great for people who are interested in anyone who loves pets, whether it be cats, dogs, or even forest creatures. These games are great for pretty much every pet lover, whether they own an animal in real life or not. Read on to learn exactly what a virtual pet game is, as well as some of the best games to start off with on our collection page. 

What are virtual pet games?

Virtual pet games have a pretty basic premise – it is a game that involves either playing with or taking care of the pet that you are given. This can mean all sorts of things. For example, in the classic game Duck Life, players train their duck to compete in competitions by practicing swimming, running, and flying. As you nurture your pet, it will begin to do better in competition and eventually win the races that it is entered in.

A more otherwordly virtual pet game is Pou. In Pou, you are given an alien who needs some help to thrive in its environment. Pou must be washed, played with, and cared for. While Pou takes a lot of time and effort to care for, this cute creature is definitely worth it. We recommend giving this game a try when you have the chance.

What is the purpose of a virtual pet game?

The ability to raise your very own pet, even if it is in the virtual world, is extremely fun and rewarding. For example, raising your duck in Duck Life from a small and weak duckling all the way up to one of the most athletic ducks in every single race is a real point of pride. 

Virtual pet games can have more variety than just taking care of an animal though. For example, in the game Mooving In, you are playing a fun variation of a Make It Fit game. The only twist is that there is a giant animal in the middle that you must work your way around. This gives the game some real character to it. 

Are virtual pet games fun?

Virtual pet games are tons of fun! If you are unsure about this but want to give virtual pet games a try, we recommend that you start out with a game that is related to one of your favorite genres. For example, if you enjoy adventure games, then A Strange Creature Joined My Party is a great choice. In this game, players must decide on their virtual pet that they want to explore the landscape with, then embark on their long and fun-filled journey with them!

If you are more of a fan of puzzle games, then Cheese Route might be the game for you. In Cheese Route, it is up to the players to feed their hungry mouse by creating a path that will bring the cheese wheel to them. You will have to use your puzzling skills in order to keep your mouse full.