Other Math Games

There's lots more to math than addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Whether you're dealing with fractions, counting cubes or slicing shapes, these games will show you numbers in a whole new way!

Carefully plot your path to complete the sequence.
Carefully plot your path to complete the sequence. Count up or down to hit all the targets.
Slice the food into equal portions.
Sharing can be fun! Figure out how to slice the food into equal portions. Be a perfect slicer and earn three stars!
Line up your bounces and hit the target!
Can you set up the perfect sequence? Bounce between blocks to hit the green target!
Can you add a square and a triangle?
How many sides are in a pentagon? How about a hexagon? Slide shapes to match up the number of sides.
Cross the lines to sketch the shapes!
Light up the dungeon! Connect the torches and sketch the shapes. Can you solve all 20 challenges?
Line up the numbers with the right connections.
Paint the board green! Each tile needs the exact right number of tiles next to it. Use the open spaces to make perfect connections.
Help rescue the animals!
We got a LOT of requests for this game! The driving is easier than our "extreme" versions and you get to rescue animals. What could be better?
Sounds easy... The trick is catching them!
Sounds easy... Just click on the right type of fraction and make it go "SPLAT. " The trick is catching them!
This is like Sudoku, but with a twist.
This is like Sudoku, but with a twist. Not only do you have to fill in the large squares with the digits 1-9, you also must obey the greater than signs!
Easy at first... but, then start counting hiding cubes!
This one is super easy at first... But then you have to start counting cubes that must be hiding behind other cubes. That's when you have to start thinking.
Click the balls in the right order, lowest to highest!
This is a pretty simple game. You just click on the balls following the numbers on them from lowest to highest.
Lots of thinking in this one.
I didn't like this one until I gave it a chance. Lots of thinking. Now that I've figured out some tricks, I really like it. I've put my tips below this one to help you.