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Daily Games

These Coolmath daily games have a new puzzle for you to play every day. Try the Daily Jumble, KenKen, Spot the Difference, Daily Crossword, and more.

About Daily Games

These Coolmath games have a new puzzle for you to play every day. Try the Daily Jumble, KenKen, Spot the Difference, Daily Crossword, and more. Have a fun time improving your puzzle-solving skills while flexing your mental muscles at the same time. The daily games are mostly dominated by free crossword puzzles and variations of the crossword, but there are some other games if you’re looking to switch it up.

Free Crossword Puzzles

One of our most popular Daily Games here at Coolmath is the Daily Crossword. In fact, the crossword is a large part of many peoples’ daily routine! The Daily Crossword has users complete puzzles using clues corresponding to boxes in the puzzle. Oftentimes there will be words that you have never seen before, so you have to be strategic in this puzzle, and you may even need to get an additional hint to reveal letters and words. 

Similar to the Daily Crossword, we also feature Unolingo in the Daily Games playlist. This creative riff on the Daily Crossword only features 26 boxes, one for each letter in the alphabet. Each letter is used once, so you will have to use the process of elimination to figure out which letter pairs with each tile. One tip – if you find a ‘U’ on the puzzle, there is likely a ‘Q’ right next to it on one side or another.

Daily Spot the Difference

While most of the daily games are based on words, there is a daily game that is exclusively focused on pictures. This of course is our daily Spot the Difference game, which is almost guaranteed to be fun. The game is pretty self-explanatory – spot the differences in two pictures side by side. 

Whether you prefer pictures, numbers, letters, or cards, go and try out one of our daily games and see how you like them!

Are there any games like Wordle?

A large majority of our Daily Games are word games that are at least somewhat similar to Wordle. Take for example the Micro Crossword, a mini crossword game where players must use their puzzle-solving skills and their grammatical skills in order to solve the puzzle.

What other genres are the Daily Games under?

There are a number of different genres that tie into the Daily Games collection page. Take for example the card games playlist. Daily Freecell is one of the most popular card games here at Coolmath Games. This puzzle is a great way to start off your day if you are a big fan of Solitaire or Freecell.

Of course, many of these daily games also fall under the branch of classic games. For example, starting your day off with the LA Times crossword is about as classic as it gets. Readers of the popular newspaper have been doing this crossword for decades. Just be warned – this one is a real challenge.