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Art Games

Get out your brushes and start playing our fun and creative Art Games. Whether you want to accurately draw different objects in Gali-I-1, or show off your pumpkin carving skills in Pumpkin Planner, it is sure to be a fun time.

About Art Games

Hop into the art scene with our fun and creative art games. You no longer need a pen and paper to make some art. Instead, you can just entertain yourself by playing one of these imaginative art games. 

What are Art Games?

We define Art Games as any game where players have to use art skills or knowledge in order to win the game. While this may seem like a pretty limiting factor, there is actually a pretty wide variety of Art Games. Whether it is drawing the correctly shaped car in Car Drawing Game or looking at a bunch of pixels from the right angle in Pixel Puzzle, it all falls under the umbrella of the Art Games playlist. 

What is the best art game?

That’s tough to say. In all honesty, it really depends on what kind of genre you like to blend art games with. If you prefer an art game that is combined with car games, then Car Drawing Game is the title for you. If you are a big fan of puzzle games, then Broken TV will probably be your go-to game. It's really just up to what kind of genre you normally enjoy playing. 

That being said, don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try out a game that looks pretty new and unique to you. Who knows, you might end up finding a new favorite game.

Do I have to be good at art to have fun in the Art Games playlist?

Not at all! While there are some games that certainly are more art-focused than others, you don’t need to be Picasso in order to succeed in any of these games. These games are really just made for anyone who enjoys being creative, there are no barriers to entry!