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About Creative Games

There is a seemingly endless amount of games here at Coolmath Games. From puzzle games, to music games, to art games, there is no shortage of things to do on our site.

It pretty much goes without saying that there are a lot of creative games on Coolmath Games. We have taken the liberty of compiling the most unique and creative games that we have to offer and grouped them into their own separate category. If you are looking for a way to focus your creative energy on something, you should definitely give one of these games a try.

What are creative games?

Creative games involve some of the artsiest categories that we have to offer. This includes the obvious ones like art games, music games, and coloring games. However, it also has some of the more unique categories like puzzle games that have unique and creative twists to them.

Take the game There Is No Game for example. This is a puzzle game where players must use creativity to figure out the next course of action. There aren’t direct instructions on what to do. Instead, you will have to think outside of the box in order to make it to the end of the game and come out as the champion. 

What are some examples of creative games?

There is quite a bit of variety when it comes to creative games. One of the newer creative games that has gained quite a bit of traction is Trace. In Trace, players are trapped inside a room full of items and puzzles to help them escape. It’s basically a virtual version of an escape room. Search around the room looking for clues to help you progress through the map. Here’s a hint: look in the sink when you first spawn in!

If you are looking to show off your art skills, make sure to check out Chicken Hike. In this drawing game, players must draw a path in order to assist the hyperactive chicken to the exit. While this game starts out simple enough, the later levels get quite complicated. It will take real creativity and problem-solving ability in order to beat this game.

Do creative games make you smarter?

While it is hard to say for certain if these games make you smarter, there are scientific studies that back up the claim that playing games requiring problem-solving can help you in several different areas. This includes everyday skills such as persistence, memory capacity, and emotional regulation. So hop into one of these titles and start to sharpen up your brain!

Can anyone play creative games?

Of course! Creative games are made for anyone, whether you have strong artistic skills or not. As long as you have curiosity and a passion for creativity, then these creative games will be right up your alley. Solve puzzles, make some art, draw some pictures, and have a great time letting your inner creative side out.