Platforming Puzzles

In this strange and unusual world, you cannot jump. Fortunately, you CAN summon mountains beneath your feet. And get filthy stinkin' rich.

Sometimes when you want a banana, you've got to break a couple of coconuts.

This game is really unique and hard to describe. You really just have to play it yourself and see!

You can't jump in this platformer... so you're going to have to stretch! Drag the line to make a platform to get past the spike-filled pits. 

Get together with your paddle sidekick and start breaking bricks! Flip switches, destroy ice cubes and dodge electricity without falling down the holes. 

Hidden passages, booby traps, encrypted messages and more. There are new secrets to discover in every room.

Get all of the blocks across the level safely! One problem: they all move together. Move, jump, slide and even change direction to reach the exit.

These three panda brothers have been captured by poachers! Help them escape and make it home safely.

Help a smart (but slightly overweight) scientist use his robotic ball to get through each level. Control the ball to go places he can't, avoid traps, and solve puzzles.

This one will really mess with your head. You'll need to go back in time to create copies of yourself to perform tasks on each level.

Use boxmen to get to the floating cube on each level. Use the shift key to create more boxmen. How many boxmen will you need?

Two dogs are stranded in a space station on the moon! Use teamwork to help them reach their rocket and escape the station.

Enter a mysterious vault where if you leave the room, you appear on the other side! Solve mind-bending puzzles and play with gravity if you want to escape alive.

An evil wizard has kidnapped the princess! Help Jo and Momo work together to jump over obstacles and save her!

Help the fox collect all of the treasure in the magic forest! Switch between night and day to find the right path.

You've woken up in a mysterious cave! Can you figure out how to escape?

Back into the pipes! Use the colored blobs to change the level and reach the next pipe.

Help the three boys run, jump and climb over each other in order to escape each level.

Max was enjoying a stroll through the park when he was abducted by aliens! Help him rescue his girlfriend and escape the alien ship.

The colored pipe monsters are back! Collect the colored blobs (or avoid them!) to walk through walls and reach the pipe.

These three aliens have crash-landed on another planet! Each of them has a special ability. Morph between them to solve puzzles and escape the temple!

This guy will do anything it takes to get his hat back...even if it means splitting into lots of different pieces! Use your body to get back to your hat.

What happens if you walk off the edge of the world? In this game, you show up on the opposite side! See if you can reach the magic cube.

Enter this wacky Purbald world where little purple critters listen to your every command. Collect the stars and get them to safety!

The little blue aliens are back on Earth. Use their special powers to help them get back to the ship.

This colored monster needs to make it to the pipe. Change your monster's color to make make platforms, walls, and obstacles disappear!

You're on a crazy game show where you need to think outside the box! Solve the puzzle and get to the exit!

The Little Who is lost in this mysterious dark world. Dodge enemies, jump over spikes, and figure out how to reach the light! Don't fall too far!

Weird aliens have invaded Splibox land, and Mr. Splibox wants to help! Rescue the brown Spliboxes and avoid the aliens by making walls of Spliboxes.

Help Alfi, a young forest spirit, explore the forest and capture a golden flower that can grant any wish.

Help this sock guy get his hat back! He can unattach his limbs to push levers and hold doors open. But he needs them to climb walls and make jumps too!

The little android is stuck on another space station! Fire your laser to change gravity and collect the computer chips so he can get home safely.

Get your team of five men to the end of the level. Using one man at a time, open doors and remove obstacles for the other members of your team.

Explore a mysterious world where light can magically make objects disappear. It's kind of weird at first, but trust me, you'll love this game!

Help TIO work his way through each level. Make him fast, sticky or heavy and figure out what to do from there.

The little robot needs help finding his way around the Gravistation! Move him around, shoot lasers, flip gravity, collect coins, and reach the exit.

Help three jelly creatures explore mysterious tropical islands. Use their different abilities to collect all of the stars and find the statue in each level.

Help the ninja reach the gong in this crazy, gravity-shifting game! Control a team of ninjas to rotate the world and make a path to the gong for the black ninja.

A giant monster has attacked your ship! Escape the ship with the help of a monkey who can turn off gravity.

The scientist's new time machine has crashed, and now he's stuck back in time! Explore the world and collect parts to help him fix it.

Jellydad's family is imprisoned in the space station! Crawl through vents, hack into computers, and avoid enemies to rescue your family and escape!

Collect the energy blocks. After the first level, you can't collect all of the blocks without hitting the spikes or falling off. But your ghost will help you!

Help the explorer get through the gate in each level. The door can only be opened if it has power. But you can move around pieces of the level!

This would be an easy running and jumping game, but someone "Fractured" your screen!

Aliens have landed on our planet and need your help to get home. Can you get past the obstacles and collect all the stars to win?

He's falling. You'll have to figure out the rest! WARNING: Once you start this game, it's going to be very hard to stop.

Transmorph yourself between three different aliens with different abilities. Your goal is to get to the exit.

Use the magnetic tractor to move all the crates into the trucks. You'll have to figure out the order of how to get this task completed as fast as possible.

Control all of the little black boxes at the same time. Can you collect all of the stars, get ALL of them to the doors safely?

Help Gombo recover his lost heart. Seems simple, until you learn to put Gombo to sleep and control a Gombite. Then it gets crazy!

More awesome levels! Use the magnetic tractor to move all the crates into the trucks. Plan ahead to finish loading them as fast as possible.

A great sequel to Transmorpher. Transmorph yourself between three aliens with different abilities. Collect all the green blobs and get to the exit.

Turn your world around as you collect all the stars while avoiding spikes and saws. This one takes some skill and brain power!

Use the magnetic tractor to move all the crates into the trucks. You'll have to figure out the order of how to get this task completed as fast as possible.

Help Bearboy collect all the honeycombs in each level and get to the exit. Use your cursor to activate and destroy totems!

Return to a mysterious world where light can magically make objects appear or disappear. Solve even more extra-cool levels in this great game sequel.

A puzzling sequel to the original Fractured game! Help Molly find her way through each shattered level and reach the portal.

Help the alien bring candy to his girlfriend in this world-flipping puzzle game. It's enough to make your head spin!

You'll need to look before you leap to help Naya find the edge of the world. These crazy 3-D tile formations will make you question your own senses!

When you're stuck in 2-D, try adding another dimension! Rotate the 3-D world to get a new point of view. Collect the stars to win.

How does the red triangle cross the road? It uses moving platforms and teleporting blocks, of course! Help it reach the green square.

Security breach! Take control of robots to move around the factory. Push boxes and pull levers to make your escape!

Explore the mysterious dungeon. Solve puzzles, disarm traps and gain awesome new powers. Can you find the treasure waiting at the end?

Grab the bunnies and bring them to safety! Dodge vultures, jump chasms, but don't leave any behind!

You're a ninja with a secret power. You can slice through the world to shift it around. Use your world-slicing ability to land impossible jumps.

Float away, high up on the clouds. You won't reach the top in one try. Learn to move one small jump at a time.

Time for a rude awakening! Hop out of bed and start running to save the day. Drink magic potions to get super powers and open all the chests.

You control the rotation of the world. Use your powers to discover the secrets of the mysterious laboratory!

Where are you and how did you get here? Check your surroundings carefully to find clues and crack the codes. Can you escape in 30 minutes?

Quaff magic potions to learn new spells. But every time you learn a new one, you forget an old one. Can you cast the right spells to free your friends?

Pair up with the pink plasticine! Use your clay-sculpting skills to solve puzzles. Shed some extra weight to jump over high cliffs.

Scuba Bear needs help collecting all the treasures on his list! Dive into the caves to collect all the hidden treasures.

Fall through the floor and wrap around the edges of the temple. Use your camera-shifting skills to solve puzzles and escape!

You're stuck inside a sunken ship! Use the grappling hook to maneuver your way through the mazes and escape.

Grab your magic axe and free the captives! Dodge traps and defeat the enemies lurking in the caves.

Clear out all the tiles, but make sure you leave a path to the exit!

Pair up with the pink plasticine! Use your clay-sculpting skills to solve puzzles. Shed some extra weight to change your abilities.

Watch your step! You don't want to find out what's at the bottom of these mountains. Tread carefully across the cliffs to find your four-legged friends.

You've woken up in a lab experiment gone horrifically wrong! Thankfully, you've found a gravity cannon. Can you escape the lab?

Have you been here before? Lose your head again and again escaping this dungeon. Or will you be trapped in the cycle forever?

You have the superpower to rotate platforms 90 degrees at a time. Use it to grab gems and get to the door!

This cactus has come alive! It can walk, climb and drop. It has just one weakness... water!

It takes money to make money. Spend your coins on new platforms to reach the bag of silver!

Rising temperatures are a big problem when you're an ice cube trying not to melt. Dodge the light beams and deliver your message before it's too late!

They can't do much on their own, but when they work together they can accomplish anything!

You've been chosen to wield the Magic Bow! Use fire and ice to defeat the bad guys and grab the loot.

Don't say the magic words, spell them! Type out commands to cast magic spells and reach the goal.

See a berry that's out of reach? No problem, you can rearrange the world and grab a snack!

Reverse gravity or turn it on its side! Walk on the walls and ceiling to get through these platforming mazes.

The show must go on! Jump over treacherous gaps and leap through rings of fire to put on a great circus act.

Master the elements! Learn new spells and use them to get past bees, slimes and lava monsters.

Every goal comes with a sacrifice! You'll have to get creative to reach the signposts without jumping or walking. 

You have the power to rearrange the world! Move platforms, jump over dangerous obstacles and reunite with the princess.

Solve puzzles with your cat companion! It won't take orders, but it will chase after a ball of yarn.

The water-phobic cactus is back! Get through the mazes without getting wet and find the lost puzzle pieces.

Run and jump, with a twist! Rotate platforms to make yourself a new route. Grab gems and get to the door safely.

Use your magic powers to ride flying platforms! Dodge spikes and fly over lava to reach the flag.

How do you outrun time? Easy, just stop it completely! Freeze time to solve puzzles and escape the static.

You found a cursed mirror and it trapped you in an alternate dimension!

Red and Blue must work together to accomplish their goal! Switch between worlds to get keys, hit switches and get all the coins.

To escape this broken down factory you'll have to think 3 steps ahead! Warp across shipping crates and girders to reach the flag.

Shrink down to mini-size and squeeze through small gaps. Or grow huge and push giant crates! Resize yourself to reach the exit.

There are ghosts haunting these halls. Grab your grandfather's magic camera, find where they are hiding and trap them inside a photograph!

A corrupt mayor has taken over Bob's town! Break into the Mayor's buildings and expose him for the crook he really is!

They say a cat always lands on its feet. That should help you get through all these jumps!

Hop into your sketchbook, then jump back to reality! Switch between worlds to solve puzzles and get the diamonds. 

Everything is connected! Warp through the mirrors to escape your dreams and return home safely.

Can you survive the freezing winter? Use your ice-creating powers to reach the warm caves.