Rotating Games

Free online Cool Math rotating games. These world-turning games will make your head spin! Featuring games like Rolling Hero, Rotate and Roll, Sand Trap and Swift Turn 2.

Can you solve the mystery in the secret lab?
You control the rotation of the world. Use your powers to discover the secrets of the mysterious laboratory!
Deliver the lost letter in outer space!
Jump between planets and dodge dangerous space debris! Reach the space mailbox to deliver the lost letter.
Float and fly by flipping gravity!
Harness the power of gravity! Float and fly to dodge chainsaws, warp through portals and touch all the squares.
Bend your mind to solve this 3-D maze.
You'll have to think 3-dimensionally to find your way through these mazes! Shift your perspective to find a way out.
Get all of the sand into the bucket.
One of our coolest games! Tip the maze back and forth to get all the sand into the bucket. Once you start, you won't be able to stop.
Flip gravity to get in the hole!
Run, jump and flip gravity to get in the hole. Can you master the flow of gravity and fly across the levels?
Flip gravity, use portals, grab the keys and escape!
Not everything is as it appears. Flip gravity to fly to the ceiling, grab the keys and find the exit. But watch out! The walls might shift around.
Pour all of the liquid to the finish.
Collect all of the white liquid and rotate the world to get it all to the finish. Don't lose any on the way!
Help a ninja walk his path.
Help the ninja reach the gong in this crazy, gravity-shifting game! Control a team of ninjas to rotate the world and make a path to the gong for the black ninja.
Change your point of view to save the stars.
When you're stuck in 2-D, try adding another dimension! Rotate the 3-D world to get a new point of view. Collect the stars to win.
Help the little robot reach the exit.
The little robot needs help finding his way around the Gravistation! Move him around, shoot lasers, flip gravity, collect coins, and reach the exit.
Tip until you are dizzy to help the balls to escape.
You're going to love this one! When I found it, I played it for a week until my eyes were blurry. Very simple - just tip the game to help the little guys escape.
Collect stars and avoid spikes!
Turn your world around as you collect all the stars while avoiding spikes and saws. This one takes some skill and brain power!
Similar to Rotate and Roll.
Similar to Rotate and Roll. Rotate the game to help the hero go through the mazes so he can get to the last maze and save his girlfriend from the monster!
The Rolling Hero sequel.
A sequel to the popular Rolling Hero game. Get through more mazes to help the hero save his girlfriend. Collect coins and diamonds!
Another great Rolling Hero sequel!
Another great Rolling Hero sequel! Collect objects and even teleport through mazes to help the hero save his girlfriend from the monster!
Flip the sweet world and help the alien get through it.
Rotate the screen to help the alien get through the sweet worlds and into the portal. Can you collect all of the stars along the way?
Help him escape again!
The little android is stuck on another space station! Fire your laser to change gravity and collect the computer chips so he can get home safely.
Help the little balls escape.
You are going to love this one! When I found it, I played it for a solid week until my eyes were blurry. Just tip the game to help the little ball guys escape.
Rotate the world and use your jetpack!
Up, up and away! Rotate the world, then fly through it with your jetpack. Dodge falling crates and dangerous electric cables.
Feed the multicolor dragon.
A dragon must eat in order to grow big and strong. Rotate the world to move the dragon and feed it a balanced breakfast.
Bounce along the twisty tower.
Bounce along the twisty tower. Dodge the ledges that are blocking your path for as long as you can!
Grab your jetpack and get ready to rotate!
Grab your jetpack and take to the skies! Rotate the world to get the crates out of your way, then hit the boost and dash for the exit!
Make gravity work for you!
Reverse gravity or turn it on its side! Walk on the walls and ceiling to get through these platforming mazes.
Fly through deep space by flipping gravity!
Flip gravity and send everything flying, including yourself! Flip switches to open doors and watch out for spikes as you fly through deep space.
Control the ramps and build momentum!
Control the ramps to build momentum and get in the hole! Can you get through all 25 levels?
It's really going sideways now!
Take a walk up the wall and change the power of gravity! Rotate around the walls and ceiling and jump into the finish.
Can you make jumps as the world turns?
This game is more than a world-turning game... you'll need planning and precision jumping skills! Spin the level around and jump to the exit!
Spin your cubes into place!
Spin the world around to get your cubes into place. If you're feeling dizzy then you're moving in the right direction!