New Number Games

Try out a new twist on Sudoku! Add dots to the hexagons to make the target numbers.

More than just addition! Stack numbers together to add, subtract, multiply, and divide your way to the target numbers.

Connect tiles to output the right sums. When you have everything just right the tiles will all light up!

Popular Number Games

Crunch numbers to collect coins.
Add like numbers to win this one. Can you get to 2048?
Do your math and spend wisely.
Train your duck to win races and save the farm!
Fill in numbers correctly. Don't make a mistake!
Great driving game for times tables and multiples!


Add numbers to get them tumbling!
Add and subtract to make zeroes.
Swap cards and make the high hand!
Connect the operations to reach the target number.
Connect the numbers and hit the targets.
Push the dice together so they add up to 6!


Make gold with the perfect calculations!
Like Pac Man.
Answer math questions while avoiding the monsters!
Same as Math Lines, but know your times tables!
Pick numbers from the grid that solve the equation.
Solve the problem, then find the answer!

Applied Math Games

Build the ultimate brick-busting machine!
Ca-ching! Make trades to turn wood into gold.
Remove the right numbers from the grid.
Grow your civilization.
Launch snowballs. Destroy icy structures. Get cash.
Defeat monsters and level up your heroes.

Other Math Games

Can you add a square and a triangle?
Carefully plot your path to complete the sequence.
Line up the numbers with the right connections.
Help rescue the animals!
Sounds easy... The trick is catching them!
This is like Sudoku, but with a twist.

Just Numbers

This is a new twist on the classic game Sudoku. Can you place all the numbers without breaking the rules?

Get your thinking cap on! Find the right number patterns to match the target. How quickly can you do it?

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