Helping Games

Wheely decided it would be a good idea to open a bank account. But a gang of cars robbed the bank! Help Wheely figure out who stole his money.

The pigs have invaded Doctor Acorn's treehouse! Cut ropes, launch catapults, disarm traps and make your way to the top of the tree.

Amigo Coyote is on his way to central Asia! Help him make his way to the top of the cliffs of Peril!

Build a bridge to get the car over to the ferry without falling into the water. Collect stars to get the best score!

Robo needs to get to work, but everything is broken! Help Robo fix everything and reach the end of each level.

A dangerous forest stands between Snail Bob and his Grandpa's birthday party! You'll have to figure out how to get him there safely!

Wheely went to the movies with his girlfriend, but got stuck in the show! Help him defeat the evil wizard and escape the fantasy world with his princess!

Wheely's lawnmower broke! Go to the store, on a cruise, and into outer space to get it back. And save the world in the process.

Help Amigo Coyote escape the dangerous canyon by removing obstacles so that he can float away without getting his balloons popped.

Wheely went to the garage to fix his tire, but accidentally got sent back in time! Help Wheely solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and get back home.

Another Wheely-great game! Push buttons, flip switches and crank cranks to help Wheely get to the end of each level.

The sequel to Wheely that you've all beenwaiting for! Push buttons, flip switches and crankcranks to help Wheely get to the end of each level.

Push buttons, flip switches and crank cranks to help Wheely get to the end of each level.

Help Doctor Acorn save the birds! Use your mouse to pull levers, flip switches, collect medicine, and get through each level safely.

Amigo is on another adventure...this time to the arctic and Peru! Keep him safe and help him reach the top!

Amigo Coyote has a hot date in Tibet! Help him climb the Himalayan mountains and reach the Tibetan plateau.

Evil coyotes have kidnapped the kids from Sun Grande city! Help Amigo Coyote fly up the cliffs to the mountain fortress and rescue them!

Amigo Coyote is now partying in New York! Help him float away by removing obstacles so that his balloons don't get popped.

A puzzler game. Click around to figure out how to get the polar bear to warmer weather.

Oh no! The king's cake has been stolen! Help him explore his kingdom and get it back. And while you're looking, can you help him find his golden tickets too?

Every good doctor needs a headlamp. But yours is lost in the forest! Find it so that you can get back to work.

Moley needs your help getting home! Build a path for him to climb, jump and fly to the exit safely.

He knows how to run, but he has no idea where to go! Place walls to help Tom find the keys and unlock the hidden treasure chests.

Test your coding skills by programming the robot to help it escape! Careful...this robot ALWAYS follows its commands.

Help Doctor Acorn build a snowman! Roll and fly to get all the snowballs safely to the exit. Try to collect the stars along the way.

Joe only knows one way to walk: straight ahead! Use your items to guide him safely to the exit.

Take command of the robots! Use elevators, magnets and conveyor belts to get them to the exits. If you don't act fast they might walk right off a cliff!

The workers can't remember which way to go. Get those packages delivered! Give them one set of instructions to bring their packages to the conveyor belt.

You can eat every cupcake in sight. Just make sure to eat them in the right order!

This dog loves to eat! Help Bobby get a full meal without jumping off the ledge.

Show this little chicken the way forward! Draw a path to guide it to the door safely.