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How to Start Making Your Own Roblox Game

Griffin Bateson / January 10, 2022
How to Start Making Your Own Roblox Game

Roblox debuted in 2005, and it has been a hit ever since. In fact, it has not only been a hit among gamers but developers as well. As of 2022, seven million developers have created their own Roblox game through their platform. These games have been shared with over 56 million active users on the Roblox platform. Since it is easy to use and accessible, anyone can create their own video game, while possibly making some big bucks in the process.

What does it take to create your own video game? How do you figure out Roblox coding? Well in this blog we’ll teach you how to make your own game in Roblox and give you some basic coding tips along the way.

The Basics of Setting Up a Successful Roblox Game

First of all, how does Roblox work? Roblox itself is a platform where you are able to play games that have been designed by other Roblox users and developers. In addition, you are also able to create and share your own game through Roblox Studio. You may be asking yourself, "What is Roblox studio?"

Roblox Studio is a tool you can access as soon as you sign up for a Roblox account. It is used to create new and interesting Roblox games. The variety of tools you can use for a game ranges from manipulating objects or terrain to entering complex scripts and changing the game function.

How to Code Your Roblox Game

Maybe you have played many games on Roblox before, but now you want to get started on building a Roblox game that can be an Obby or multiplayer game. While the platform allows you to use some of their pre-loaded terrains and drag-and-drop assets, if you want to create your own custom game that better fits your awesome idea, then you need some knowledge on how to code games.

Don't worry if you've never done it before, you’ve come to the right place to learn! With the right tools, coding your own Roblox game will be a breeze. Not only does Coolmath Games have some pretty fantastic games, but we also have one of the best coding tutorials out there, especially when it comes to Roblox.

Learn the Basics of Coding

If you have no idea where to begin with programming but still want to create a Roblox game that'll hit page 1, there are ways to learn directly in Roblox versus generic online coding tutorials. One example is Code Kingdoms, which has an easy and beginner-friendly interface.

The good thing about this program is that you don't need to have any coding expertise to complete it successfully. In fact, it’s probably better if you are a beginner. Plus you’ll have tons of fun while doing it! 

Test Your Game

Before releasing your game to the rest of the world, test your game with friends, then expand on the ideas in Code Kingdoms to make your own creative ideas. With the right tools and your new coding skills, you may even get the Roblox game to the first page.

After Learning How to Make Your Own Game in Roblox, Publish It!

Trying to make Roblox games can be simple if you know the basics of coding and have an idea of what you'd like your game to have. Once you have learned how to make your own game in Roblox, then you can publish it and try out a new idea!