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How to Play Archery World Tour: Become an Archery Master

Jaren Fitzsimmons / March 9, 2021
How to Play Archery World Tour: Become an Archery Master

Archery World Tour is a first person shooter that requires focus and precision. Archery World Tour has two different game modes. The goal of the first game mode is to get 3 stars at every level. You will be given a limited number of arrows to try and get the highest score possible. The closer you get to the bullseye the more points you will receive. 

The objective of the second game mode is to hit the designated spot on the target. If you hit the designated spot you will get another target with a different location, if you miss you will start back at the beginning. The goal is to get as big of a streak as possible. Be careful though! The levels get increasingly harder as you progress with the wind picking up and even moving targets. 

Now that you understand the two game modes, let's talk about some tips and tricks you can use to help you as you learn how to play Archery World Tour.

Watch the Wind

In Archery World Tour it is always important to be aware of the wind. A little bit of wind (under 1mph) probably won’t affect your shot too much, but a stronger wind will cause your arrow to move. Make sure to always check the wind before you shoot, and make adjustments accordingly. 

how to play archery world tour

Take Your Time

This may seem obvious, but patience is critical when learning how to play Archery World Tour. It is important to take your time and line up your shot. It may be easier to hit a bullseye on stationary targets, but when targets start to move it becomes a lot more difficult. If you run into a moving target make sure to time it right. Try to find out the pattern the target is moving in, predict where it will go next, then launch your arrow.  

Limit Your Movement

When you are lining up a shot in Archery World Tour, make sure not to move your bow around too much. If you move your bow around too much, it will start to sway. This can make it difficult to line up the shot where you want it. When you do move, try to not move your mouse too quickly. Remember, accuracy is the key to winning the game.

how to play archery world tour

Ready Your Bow.

Now that you know how to play Archery World Tour and it’s different game modes, you should be ready to play! Head over to the field and try the game out using some of the tips and tricks you learned here. Don’t forget your training, you’re going to need it!