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How to Play IQ Ball: Fling Your Way To Victory

CMG Staff / March 24, 2021
How to Play IQ Ball: Fling Your Way To Victory

IQ Ball is one of the most popular games on Coolmath Games. Your goal is to help the little fuzzy ball character reach the target by clicking your mouse (or tapping your screen) as little as possible. If you’re just starting out and trying to learn how to play IQ Ball, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to learn how to play IQ Ball effectively.

What is IQ Ball?

IQ Ball is a puzzle game that relies on physics to move your character across the screen. You use a 'grappling hook' mechanic to fling yourself across the screen in various directions. The objective of each level is to find your way to a target through various obstacles, in the least amount of clicks.

Strategy Game

There is a fair amount of strategy involved in getting your little guy to the target. It's not just "click here and win!", as you need to maneuver, break, and fling your way to victory. Getting the ball to the target on each level can sometimes mean planning out the best way to fling yourself *through* a wooden crate.

iq ball strategy

Tips and Tricks on How to Play IQ Ball

Grapple games in general tend to require a lot of trial and error, and IQ Ball is no exception with its sometimes deceptive level design. From hammers to trains there are several unusual puzzle mechanics at work here. There is a lot to consider on the level before you start.

Think Before You Move

There is definitely a learning curve when discovering how to play IQ Ball. Before you do anything at the start of the level, look at the board and see what you are facing. Take note of your obstacles and come up with a strategy. There's no reason to rush through a level as there is usually a way to win even if the way gets blocked.

Build Up Momentum

Momentum is your friend here. Sometimes the only way is through and you get a lot of force going with the right moves. It all depends where you send your grapple.

iq ball grapple

Play Now

A little strategy and a lot of momentum will see you through the game. Now, you should have a better handle on how to play IQ Ball, so now it’s time to grapple your way through the engaging levels!  Just remember, if you come across a level that seems tough, keep trying until you succeed!

There are plenty of other games similar to IQ Ball as well. There’s seasonal versions like Catch the Candy Christmas and Halloween. You can play IQ ball & the rest of the Catch the Candy series for free right here. Many of the games there are quick plays, maybe twenty minutes a game. The games are fun and cute and engaging to play.