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How to Play SquareX

Griffin Bateson / November 3, 2023
How to Play SquareX

Make it to the exit without getting destroyed in SquareX. There’s just one caveat – your controls are offline! This fun platformer game has been extremely popular as of late at Coolmath Games. In this blog, learn how to play SquareX. We’ll give you some tips and tricks to help you make it far in this challenging timing game.

How to Play SquareX

Any control can be taken away from you, whether you are trying to jump, duck, or move from side to side. Anything can be offline when trying to play SquareX. You must dodge the lasers and projectiles that are being launched at you using the limited controls that you have. 

Luckily, after a certain amount of time, your controls will all go back online. It normally takes around 15-20 seconds for all of the controls to go back online. In a lot of cases, you must find a way to stall until you have full control over your square. Once this happens, you must find a way to make it to the exit and move on to the next level.

SquareX Strategies

Read on to learn a few helpful strategies to aid you in your first SquareX run. This game is up there as one of the hardest Coolmath Games on the site. These tips and tricks should help you get off to a strong start, even if you have never played SquareX before.

Take what the game gives you

Sometimes you may have to use strategies that you wouldn’t ordinarily use when playing most platformer games. This includes moving further away from the exit in order to avoid tricks and traps. SquareX is a game where your options are often limited. Instead of fighting this though, sometimes it is better to just accept it. Wherever the map may lead you, just know that you will eventually regain all of your controls and be able to move toward the exit again.

Prepare to focus up

SquareX is a game that takes a tremendous amount of focus. Not only do you have to avoid lasers and traps, but you will also have your controls go offline for a set amount of time. This means that keeping your focus is extremely important. If you need to pause the game, feel free to do so. This game will take all your mental energy to succeed, especially during the later levels.

Keep the clock in mind

How to Play SquareX Blog Gameplay

In the top right corner, there will be a countdown timer that tells you how much longer your controls will be offline. If you are ever wondering how much longer you have to survive without getting hit by a laser, check out the clock. Keep track of this, it is helpful to know how close you are to achieving your full potential.

It’s okay to take breaks

Sometimes, platformer games that have a super high level of difficulty can mentally drain you. Take World’s Hardest Game for example. After a few levels, there can be some real fatigue simply from how much you have to focus. SquareX is no different, players must be concentrated if they want to win.

So now that you know a few tips on how to play SquareX, make sure to go and check out this fun platformer game! Its unique rules make it stand out from a lot of other skill games here at Coolmath Games.