Retro Ping Pong Action Contest


We Have Our Winners!


We received thousands of great ideas for new Action modes in Retro Ping Pong.

Winners get $100 cash and a hoodie from the Coolmath Games merch store. Plus: We’ll add their modes to Retro Ping Pong, so come back to see those in action!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Here are the winners:


Alex P. Euless, TX
"Flappy Pong"

The Concept: Retro Ping Pong meets Flappy Bird! Keep pressing the up arrow to control your paddle… but if your paddle hits the top or bottom of the screen you lose the point. If you find regular pong too easy, we think you’ll have your hands (or wings?) full with this one.


Sophia C. Yonkers, NY

The Concept: This one’s not about hitting the ball… it’s about avoiding it! Six balls are in play, and there are walls behind your paddle. Each time your paddle gets hit, you lose one of your two lives. Last one standing wins!


Justin L.
Alexandria, VA 


Rowan G. 
Washington, D.C.


"Shatter Paddle"


The Concept: When the ball hits your paddle, the paddle splits at the contact point – and the shorter section breaks off. As the round progresses, your paddle gets smaller and smaller. The paddle starts bigger to make each round last longer. Pro tip: hit the ball with the edge of your paddle to prevent too much from breaking off.


Tyler W. Marietta, GA
"Brick Breaker"

The Concept: There is a wall of bricks in the center of the game. Each player starts with a ball on their side, and you clear bricks by hitting them. Try to clear out the bricks as quickly as possible to send your ball to your opponent’s side and make them deal with both balls at once. As usual, if a ball gets past your paddle, you lose the point.


Christopher L. Prospect, VA
"Robo Battle"

The Concept: A giant robot patrols the center of the screen, firing lasers at both players. Don’t get zapped by the robot or you’ll lose one of your two lives. Hit the robot enough times to destroy it, or get the ball past your opponent’s paddle to win the game.