Chinese Checkers


Chinese Checkers Instructions

The aim of Chinese Checkers is to move all your blue marbles (pegs/pieces) from your blue starting triangle base to the green triangle base across the star-shaped playing board.




You can move a marble to the space right next to it.

You can jump over another marble in a straight line - even skipping empty spaces.

After jumping over a marble, you can use that same marble to jump again in the same turn.

You cannot end a move in a triangle base that is not yours or your opponent’s  green triangle base, but you can jump into and out of those bases during a turn.



Find the longest hopping path: Get as many of your marbles out of the blue triangle as possible and start moving them up the board. Then look for the longest ladder or chain out there and use it to move your trailing marbles across the board as quickly as possible. 


Stay centered: The shortest path between two points is a straight line. Whenever possible, build your chains to go straight through the center of the board. The more your marbles move off to the side, the longer it will take them to reach their final destination.


No stragglers: Some players want to leave a marble behind so their opponent can’t fill out the entire triangle. The problem here is, you have to move that marble up the board eventually. And if there’s no chain for it to use, it’s going to take forever for that last marble to make it to your destination triangle. It’s best to get all of your marbles moving up the board together as quickly as possible because stragglers will do nothing but slow you down.


Look at the whole board: Most of the time, marbles can move a lot farther than you realize. Make sure to look for every move possibility that's marked in red before deciding where to go. You'll be surprised how fast some of your marbles can move up the board.


Defend at the end: Towards the end of the game, it becomes much easier to see what moves each player needs to make in order to win the game. Remember, both you and your opponent can jump over each other’s pieces. So don’t leave pieces in place if they help your opponent more than they help you.



Chinese Checkers teaches you how to think ahead strategically. Similar games such as Checkers and Chess do this as well. Chinese Checkers helps you learn to recognize and develop recognition of different kinds of patterns.

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