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Game Review Guidelines

At Coolmath Games, we hand-pick every game to provide wholesome and nutritious entertainment for players of all ages. Our games are all non-violent, don’t contain adult content or foul language, and avoid empty action and thoughtless play. Most importantly, they’re all fun!

What makes a game a “Coolmath Game”?

While not every Coolmath game is a math game, every Coolmath game has elements of numeracy, critical thinking, strategy, memory or puzzle solving. When you’re playing a Coolmath Game, you might be setting prices in a coffee shop, calculating the probability of drawing the right card, or using spatial reasoning to line up your car into a narrow parking space. No matter which of our 2,000+ games you choose, you’re going to need to turn on your brain to play!

If you’re looking for games covering traditional learning topics, we have a wide variety of Math, Science, Vocabulary, Geography and Typing games. We also have hundreds of quizzes across a variety of topics in our Trivia section. Finally, if you’re looking to get creative, check out our Creative games collection!

Who is reviewing the content?

Our team of Game Producers, comprised of graduates from top game design universities, thoroughly play and review each of our games. We test each game to make sure it is bug-free and meets our stringent content guidelines. We also aim to provide a variety of genres and styles so that everyone can find their next favorite game!