Solitaire Instructions

When playing solitaire, your goal is to move all of the cards from the seven main piles, or the tableau, to the spaces in the top right corner of the screen, known as the foundation. The cards must be stacked into four piles, one for each suit, from Ace to King in the foundation.


Use your mouse to click and drag cards across the board and place them in stacks of descending order on the tableau. You are only allowed to stack cards in alternating colors, so be mindful of where you’re placing them! If you’re out of moves using the cards on your tableau, click the deck in the top left corner. Depending on the game difficulty you selected, you will either draw one or three cards from the deck. Use the first card you draw to make your move. If the first card doesn’t fit anywhere on your board, keep on drawing until you can make a move.


In some cases, you may run out of moves to make with the cards you have. If so, just restart the game and try again!


Solitaire Tips & Tricks


Organize first. Sort out your cards as best you can at the start of the game, before revealing the top card(s) of the stock deck. Start out by scanning the tableau for any cards that can be stacked up. Work your way around the cards that are already visible then move on to the stock deck. Keeping rows of cards stacked in order can help you to decipher which cards still need to be revealed.


Focus on revealing hidden cards. One of the most important things to focus on is revealing the face-down cards in the tableau. Sometimes you will have choices of which card to move onto a stack and in these cases you should always try to move a card that will reveal a new face-down card.


Study the cards carefully. When you draw a card from the stock deck, look carefully at the cards you have already revealed below to try and place the newly drawn card. It’s best to take things one card at a time before consulting the deck for a new pull.


Fill the foundation. When you come across an Ace, double click it or drag it to the top right corner to place it into an open foundation pile (you can also double click to automatically move any card). Once you have an Ace in the foundation, you can start stacking cards of the same suit on top, starting with 2 and ending with King. Try to add cards to the foundation whenever possible This will help clear out your tableau and make room for you to stack more cards.


You can take cards from the foundation, too. Sometimes you may be able to "borrow" a card back from the foundation in order to stack a newly-revealed card from the tableau. Doing so is usually worth it, as it's critical to reveal hidden cards underneath the newly revealed card.


What You Learn From Playing Solitaire


Playing Solitaire can help you work on your patience and decision making skills. A few rounds of Solitaire can also help ease your mind of stress and help you focus your energy into completing the game.


Read more about a building a good solitaire strategy here.

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