Stop the Darkness


Your goal is to upgrade your buildings to gather more resources and stop the darkness that is slowly taking over your land. The land is divided into square areas, like fields, forests, rocks, or villages. Move your mouse over a tile to see its properties in the right panel. If you can afford the upgrade cost, click the tile to upgrade it.


There are four resources: Wood, Stone, Magic and Science. You can spend these to upgrade tiles, and you'll earn them over time from upgraded tiles. Each upgraded tile earns some amount of these resources, based on the tiles adjacent to it. For example, each forest boosts the wood production of each adjacent forest by 25%. This means that an area with four forests next to it produces twice as much wood as normal!


Keep increasing the level of more tiles to generate even more resources. As you play, you'll find ways to slow down and ultimately stop the darkness. There are multiple ways to win. Can you stop the darkness before it takes over? 

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