Clicker Games

Clicker games have become a gaming staple in the past decade due to their irresistible gameplay. From taking down monsters to destroying blocks, there is a lot of variety.

About Clicker Games

Clicker Games have been all the rage in recent gaming history. Clicker games have simple objectives – players must click on the screen to create a resource. Players can use this resource to increase their productivity for tasks. Maybe this means creating an automatic clicker to help you, or some kind of special ability to make your clicks more powerful. 

Popular Clicker Games

While it seems like kind of a niche genre, a lot of the most popular Coolmath Games are in fact clicker games. For example, Clicker Heroes has been one of the fan favorites as of late. The goal of this game is to take on powerful monsters. Make upgrades and use the help of heroes to destroy the most dangerous enemies out there.

If you are looking for a more math-based clicker game, then Idle Dice is a popular one. At first, it starts out by rolling a single die in order to get coins. However, as players start to earn coins, they can unlock numerous upgrades such as extra dice and increasingly powerful multipliers. What starts as one tiny die earning you a couple of points turns into millions of coins in a flash.

Similar Genres

There are a few genres that are relatively similar to clicker games. The main one that comes to mind is the idle games genre. Both genres are about starting out with a small amount of resources and progressively gaining more by upgrading equipment. A lot of the games on here fall under both categories, so fans of idle games are also most likely fans of clicker games.

The business games genre also tends to cross over with clicker games. The need to strategize and be efficient is extremely present in both business games and clicker games. While they may have different premises, the need to optimize your strategy is the core of both of these genres.

So get out there and start experimenting with the many games in this collection. Check out each game and see which clicker game is your favorite!