New Logic Games

Match 3 keys to set yourself free!
Match 3 keys to set yourself free! Push blocks and match colors to open the locks and reach the exit portal!
Find all the clues to escape the loop!
This magical forest is never-ending... or is it? Explore every room and find all the clues. Can you uncover the secrets of the forest's enchanted citizens?
There is a key for every lock.
Every lock needs a key. Slide keys around and create a path to open up all the locks!
Slide the tiles to match the image!
It's like portrait painting... but with tiles. Slide the squares until the images match. Start with basic shapes, move into countries, and make pixel art!
Play the classic word game with your friends!
The ultimate Hangman competition! Take your word guessing skills online. Join a quick match or create a private game with your friends.
Hack into the terminal and grab the shards!
Hack into the terminal and grab the shards! Build your path and reach the exit without getting trapped in cyberspace.
Beep, beep! Cram all the cars into the parking lot.
Cram in every car and fill up the parking lot. Who cares if they can get out? Just make sure you fit them all in!
Flip tiles, match numbers and light the stars!
There are two sides to every tile: blue and black. Flip them over in the right order to match the patterns and light up the stars!
Want to win? Get programming!
Hello world! Every challenge is a tiny program. Use loops and functions at the right time to beat each level and avoid the potatoes!
Wake up and smell the flowers.
You can't walk, but you need to move... So get used to being pushed around. Time your jumps to reach the flowers!
Draw lines to make everything one color!
Can you make every level a monochromatic dream? Draw lines across the circles to change their color. Careful, you only have a few lines to use!
Rescue your cat companions once again!
Captain Steve is back, now with a variable step count! Explore the space ship and save your cat companions, all before you run out of steps.
Take the leap into another dimension!
Jump through walls to reach the portal! There's always a way out, but you might need to switch dimensions to get there.
Slide the blocks to get off the grid!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get off the grid! With the help of the portals, slide the blocks to clear a path to the exit.
Connect the dots in outer space.
Connect the dots in outer space. Grab green gems, dodge walls and separate solid squares along the way.
Control the flow of time! Press rewind to solve puzzles.
Grab the Magic Cassette and control the flow of time! Push boxes and press buttons. If it looks impossible, it's time to rewind.
Flip, roll and stamp your color down.
It's time to put your mark on this game! Roll around and around to get the right side down and stamp your color.
Push mine carts and load them with crystals!
Another day working in the green energy mines... Load the crystals into the carts for immediate extraction! Plan ahead and try not to get stuck.
Build your way to the star!
Take level design into your own hands! Use moving blocks, TNT, super jumps and more to make a path and get the star.
You are Bob, box-pusher extraordinaire!
You have one job: push boxes where they need to go. Think carefully and find the right path to get the job done!
Escape from the particle accelerator!
You're a living, sub-atomic particle stuck in an accelerator. Slip, slide, and push those pesky blockers to get to the electron outlet!
Connect the tracks and deliver the gold!
This train needs to get moving! Slide tiles around to connect the tracks and deliver the gold.
Transform blocks into your slime friends!
Touch blocks to transform them into your slime friends! Together you'll grab keys, press buttons, and unlock gates to find your way out!
Trace the lines to light up the night sky!
Light up the night sky by drawing the constellations! Can you solve these puzzles and connect all the stars?
How fast can you spread the day's gossip?
Be careful not to start a rumor. You never know how quickly it will spread...
Spin your cubes into place!
Spin the world around to get your cubes into place. If you're feeling dizzy then you're moving in the right direction!
Draw lines to lead the particles to the goal!
Your best friends in this game are your line drawing skills and gravity itself. Direct the particle flow to the boxes!
Build your own platforms to reach the flag!
You're not the highest jumper, but you have a special power. Build your own platforms to reach the flag!
Escape with your slime buddy!
When it comes to slime-riding, it's all in the timing. Press buttons and flip switches at the perfect moment until you get to the door!
Can you make jumps as the world turns?
This game is more than a world-turning game... you'll need planning and precision jumping skills! Spin the level around and jump to the exit!
Put every shape in the right place!
These shapes aren't going to arrange themselves... every piece has its place on the grid! Can you put every one in the right spot?
Paint to escape!
Use your background-painting powers to make obstacles disappear! Run, jump and color swap your way out.
Wield lasers to unlock gates!
You're stuck in a lab filled with lasers! But those same lasers are the key to your escape. Can you find the way out in every level?
Use your cannon to move backwards!
No legs, no problem! Use your cannon to propel yourself backwards... And knock out all the enemies while you're at it!
It's sokoban, but on an infinite grid!
It's sokoban, but on an endlessly repeating grid! You're going to need infinite brainpower to solve these mind-bending, box-pushing puzzles.
Grab your flashlight and find your lost dog!
Your dog ran away in the night... Grab your flashlight, follow the trail and find your pet!
Divvy up the perfect portions!
Divvy up the perfect portions! Slice the donut into the right shape using as few slices as possible.
Climb walls, climb upside down, climb the ceiling!
Get to the square-shaped portal! Flip, spin, and roll your way through. Use special platforms and movement to escape.
Friends who party together, stick together!
It's the weekend, and your friends are coming over. Stick together and solve these puzzles of epic social proportions!
Don't run out of moves!
Make every move count... or else you'll be stuck without any controls!
Cut and fold the perfect boxes!
Can you turn a flat piece of paper into a perfectly folded box? Cut out the right shapes to advance!
Every level is a new mystery!
Our system has detected suspicious activity inside this video game. Interview the kooky cast of characters to find the source of the problem!
An all-new way to think about chess!
An all-new way to think about chess! Take your pieces off the board and move them past obstacles to capture the red king!
Create a path... with lasers!
Line up your lasers to reach the goal! Build your own path to get around the fire beams without getting burned.
Move and jump, upside down!
Run and jump around the square and use gravity to your advantage! Can you find the right moves to reach the portal?
Count your steps before you splat!
Count your steps before you splat! If one square runs out of moves, use another to push it to the goal.
Draw the car of your dreams!
Grab hold of the magic pen and draw the car of your dreams! Warning: Cars may not stay upright.
Corral the chooks before nightfall!
The chooks are scattered around the farm! Use your all-powerful bark to round them up before nightfall.
Switch dimensions to get all the coins!
Switch dimensions to change your powers! Enter shadow form to float and push blocks, just watch out for the scary chests.
Can you escape? Find each room's secret.
Figure out the secret rule of every room! Can you make it to the final chamber and escape the facility?
Stretch and slide to get the tasty fruits!
An apple a day keeps the vet away! Contort your body to dodge obstacles and slither to the tasty fruits.
Push and pull the charges into place!
Opposites attract and likes repel. Push and pull the charges into place!
Team up with your ghost!
Don't worry, your ghost isn't scary. Use it to get through these tricky puzzles!
If at first you don't succeed... rewind and try again!
If at first you don't succeed... rewind time and try again! Avoid the enemies and get to the goal with the help of your past self.
Explore the secret network of pipes!
Learn the secret routes in the sewer! Scurry through pipes to grab all the coins you can find!
Grab wood and build bridges to cross islands!
What do you do when you're stuck on an island? Grab some wood, build a bridge, and find a way out!
Don't be square... take a shot!
Don't be square... take a shot! Study the board and plan ahead to pop all the cubes.
Stuff every piece into place!
The shapes are scattered! Can you stuff them all into the highlighted space?
Don't let your battery run out!
Your battery is running low and there's no outlet in sight! Roll and jump to grab new batteries before your power level hits 0%.
Discover the secrets of an alien planet!
You've crash-landed, and your spaceship is out of fuel! Explore the mysterious planet to get your ship up and running again.
Three heads are better than one!
Three heads are better than one! Combine their special powers to unlock doors and reach the exit.
Get to the top of the tower!
Your city is under attack! Climb the ladders, grab the keys, and hurry to the top of the tower.
Every block has a perfect hole.
Every block has a perfect hole. Push them all to their destination, then find the perfect hole for yourself.
Help Oredo escape the dungeon!
Help Oredo escape the dungeon! Find the keys, unlock the walls and get out before you get trapped.
Venture down into the slimy dungeon!
Venture into the dungeon in search of treasure! Can you unlock the loot without getting slimed?
Learn to move, again and again!
Learn how to move again! Find your lost buttons and slither your way to the ending position.
Transform to gain Fire and Ice powers!
Take control of powerful Elemental magic! Transform into Fire and Ice and knock these frowns upside down.
Stay warm and grab the feathers!
Bundle up and set out on a wintery adventure! Jump and slide past spikes and grab all the blue feathers.
Rearrange the world to snag the fruit!
Sometimes to solve a problem you need to approach it from the other side! Shuffle the world to snag the golden fruit.
Solve puzzles to explore the island!
You're stuck on an island, surrounded by a dense fog. Solving puzzles is the only way forward!
Overlap circles to create Venn Diagrams!
Overlap circles to create Venn Diagrams! Can you find the right combinations to fill in all the loose pieces?
Every tree needs a present!
Help the man in red complete his Christmas mission! Find trees, solve riddles and gobble up some cookies.
Get sticky and become one with the slime!
When you're made out of slime, you don't have to worry about getting sticky. Jump through the ooze and get to the exit door!
Guide your laser to the finish line!
Guide your laser through 7 different mini-games! Bounce off walls, escape a maze, do whatever it takes to reach the other side.
Watch your step, it's a long way down!
Watch your step, it's a long way down! Grab the gems and reach the portal without falling into the abyss.
Paint the tiles red... and blue!
Are you afraid of the blank canvas? Fill in the white tiles in the right order to reach your color goals!
Brrrr! Travel through the freezing winter.
Can you survive the freezing winter? Use your ice-creating powers to reach the warm caves.
Warp through mirrors to get back home!
Everything is connected! Warp through the mirrors to escape your dreams and return home safely.
Draw this little chicken's way forward!
Show this little chicken the way forward! Draw a path to guide it to the door safely.
Take a walk in zero-gravity!
Take a walk in zero-gravity! Use your wits and your grappling hook to float through space and reach the door.
Hop into the sketched out world!
Hop into your sketchbook, then jump back to reality! Switch between worlds to solve puzzles and get the diamonds. 
Outsmart monsters to get through the dungeon!
The dungeon is haunted by bats, ghosts and skeletons! Can you outsmart them all and find your way back to the Pumpqueen?
Connect two lands as fast as you can!
Can you find the path to the other land? Rotate the tiles and connect the red and blue islands before time runs out!
Trap the ghosts!
There are ghosts haunting these halls. Grab your grandfather's magic camera, find where they are hiding and trap them inside a photograph!
Go small, go big, solve the puzzle!
Shrink down to mini-size and squeeze through small gaps. Or grow huge and push giant crates! Resize yourself to reach the exit.
It's golf without all that pesky aiming!
In this golf game you don't need to aim! Slide your balls into the holes in as few moves as possible.
Warp to the flag, 3 steps at a time!
To escape this broken down factory you'll have to think 3 steps ahead! Warp across shipping crates and girders to reach the flag.
Find a good meal for your pooch!
This dog loves to eat! Help Bobby get a full meal without jumping off the ledge.
Time to go green!
You've seen Yellow, Red, Black and Blue, but today is all about Green! Find the secret mechanism and paint the screen green.
Work together to get the coins!
Red and Blue must work together to accomplish their goal! Switch between worlds to get keys, hit switches and get all the coins.
Water all the flowers, but not the rabbits!
Can you water all the flowers without getting the rabbits wet? Use the right tiles in the correct order so that everybody gets wet... or stays dry!
Even more puzzles to solve in reverse!
These reverse puzzles come with all new pieces! Use arrows, explosions and rotating tiles to pull the puzzle apart.
Escape from an alternate dimension!
You found a cursed mirror and it trapped you in an alternate dimension!
Find your friends and get to the party!
The big day is here! Explore the city, sewers, and hotel to find your friends and get to the party.
Around and around it goes!
Can you set the right time? Spin the gears to ring the bells and match the clock hands.
Stop time to escape the static!
How do you outrun time? Easy, just stop it completely! Freeze time to solve puzzles and escape the static.
Use magic powers to move giant platforms!
Use your magic powers to ride flying platforms! Dodge spikes and fly over lava to reach the flag.
Every triangle must be enclosed!
Twist and spin the shapes to form triangles. Enclose everything in as few moves as possible!
Push and slide to get the gems!
It takes two to get the loot! Combine all four directions to push and slide into the gems.
Can you get all the pipes connected?
Can you get all the pipes connected? Find the right paths to fill in all the tiles without any overlaps.
Use the strange machine to copy the design!
Every level is a brand new design! Figure out how the machine works to make an exact copy of the pattern.
Chow down on tasty cupcakes!
You can eat every cupcake in sight. Just make sure to eat them in the right order!
Can you get to the goal without slipping up?
Banana peels are your friend! Find the right path to slip and slide your way to the exit.
Connect the dots to light up the hexagons!
Connect the dots to light up the hexagons! Can you solve all 50 levels?
Rotate platforms to reach the gems!
Run and jump, with a twist! Rotate platforms to make yourself a new route. Grab gems and get to the door safely.
Mow the lawn alongside your mysterious twin!
Work together with your mysterious twin to mow the lawn. Can you finish without running over your own cord?
Connect nodes to build a path.
Connect the nodes to build a path. It's probably not going to be the shortest way from point A to point B.
A new twist on Tower of Hanoi!
If you've played Tower of Hanoi, then this will look familiar. Solve all new puzzles on the same board.
Fill the board with the number one!
Fill the board with the number one! Use teleporting tiles to spread out your numbers.
Stay out of the water!
The water-phobic cactus is back! Get through the mazes without getting wet and find the lost puzzle pieces.
Slide connected pieces to match the picture!
The pieces are all chained together. Can you figure out how to slide them into the right position?
Flip the cube all the way to the exit!
There are no enemies, timers, or impossible jumps in this game, just cubes in space. Plan ahead, take all the time you need, and reach the exit safely.
Link up with your fellow cubes!
Link up with your fellow cubes! But make sure you can still fit through the passageways.
Solve puzzles with your cat companion!
Solve puzzles with your cat companion! It won't take orders, but it will chase after a ball of yarn.
Slide, rotate and reach the star!
Slide, rotate and reach the star! Can you get Cub across the grid in all 61 levels?
Rearrange the tiles to reunite with the princess!
You have the power to rearrange the world! Move platforms, jump over dangerous obstacles and reunite with the princess.
Can you twist your way out of this mess?
Untwist the tiles to reconnect the nodes. Can you spin your way out of this mess?
Don't get too attached to your abilities!
Every goal comes with a sacrifice! You'll have to get creative to reach the signposts without jumping or walking. 
Harness the power of magnetic forces!
Become a master of magnets! Push and pull the metal circles into the right positions.
Race to match the picture!
Slide tiles into place. Race against the clock to match the picture and set a new high score!
Slither into the right position.
Gobble up shapes to grow your serpent. Can you line them all in the correct place?
A tactical test of attack and defense!
A tactical test of attack and defense. Sharpen your sword, polish your shield and charge through the enemy blobs!
Cast powerful spells!
Master the elements! Learn new spells and use them to get past bees, slimes and lava monsters.
Take a walk in outer space!
Take a walk in outer space! Just watch your step, the path will fall down behind you.
Real friends stick together.
Keep your friends close. Then keep their friends close. Keep going until you have a huge friend blob!
Join the two-man circus!
The show must go on! Jump over treacherous gaps and leap through rings of fire to put on a great circus act.
The factory is up and running again!
The factory is up and running again! Paint the balls and ship them out.
Build a bridge to cross the gap!
Building bridges made easy! Push the oddly shaped blocks to travel between platforms.
Unscramble the puzzle to see the true image.
What's wrong with this wacky TV? Unscramble the puzzle to see the true image.
Push to reach the stars!
Red and blue must work together to reach the stars! Push past tiles and through portals to get each to its destination.
The puzzle is done. Now pull it apart!
Another round of jigsaw puzzles for you to solve backwards! Use new exploding tiles to deconstruct the puzzles.
Can you reach the top?
You'll need to think three-dimensionally to climb this tower. Rotate the camera and figure out the difficult geometry.
Deliver your message before it's too late!
Rising temperatures are a big problem when you're an ice cube trying not to melt. Dodge the light beams and deliver your message before it's too late!
Stay out of the water!
This cactus has come alive! It can walk, climb and drop. It has just one weakness... water!
Grab your jetpack and get ready to rotate!
Grab your jetpack and take to the skies! Rotate the world to get the crates out of your way, then hit the boost and dash for the exit!
Stretch the line to cross the spikes!
You can't jump in this platformer... so you're going to have to stretch! Drag the line to make a platform to get past the spike-filled pits. 
Slide the roads to get your car home!
Put on your city planning hat and take to the streets. Slide the roads to build a path and get your car back home!
Make smart moves to capture the tiles!
Make smart moves to capture the tiles! You'll need to adjust your plan to get past enemy ships without boxing yourself in.
Continue the search!
The search for your lost brother brings you to a strange forest. Follow the clues, find tools, and solve puzzles to learn where he has gone.
Rotate platforms to reach new heights.
You have the superpower to rotate platforms 90 degrees at a time. Use it to grab gems and get to the door!
Explore all-new temples!
Master the elements in the all-new Fire, Water and Wind Temples. Work together to collect the gems and reach the doors.
Lose your "head" escaping this dungeon!
Have you been here before? Lose your head again and again escaping this dungeon. Or will you be trapped in the cycle forever?
Use your trusty gravity cannon to escape the lab.
You've woken up in a lab experiment gone horrifically wrong! Thankfully, you've found a gravity cannon. Can you escape the lab?
Push pumpkins and get candies!
Step into the pumpkin patch! Slide the pumpkins into the right slots to collect magic candies.
Collect enough stars to surround the moon!
Explore the mysterious ruins and decipher their hidden codes. Activate the lights and launch yourself to the moon!
Twist and spin to light up the towers!
Twist and spin to connect the towers. Follow the colors and watch them grow!
Keep adding dots to hit the target number!
Try out a new twist on Sudoku! Add dots to the hexagons to make the target numbers.
Ahoy! Find the hidden treasure.
Avast ye matey! There is bountiful treasure hidden on the island. Push and jump on your trusty crates to find it and get rich!
Can you keep the power on?
Can you keep the power on? Think ahead and plan your moves to push your battery into the charger.
Come on into the spelling party!
Come on into the spelling party! Every level has something to say. Place all the letters correctly to read the message!
Welcome to the dungeon, the WASDungeon, that is.
You've found your way into another dungeon! Plan your moves carefully to avoid the enemy skeletons, grab the key, and make your way out.
Connect tiles to output the right sums.
Connect tiles to output the right sums. When you have everything just right the tiles will all light up!
Duplicate the cells under your microscope.
Study the cells under your microscope. Shift and duplicate them to fill up the petri dish.
Just like the title says... fill every square!
If you are feeling empty, this game is sure to fill you up. Grow your snake to fill all the squares.
Out-think the robotic defense system.
Welcome back, Cyber Tank Commander! Out-think the robotic defense system and infiltrate the enemy base.
Make blue your new favorite color.
If you've played Red, Yellow or Black, you know how this works. Every level is a new puzzle. Can you turn them all blue?
Feed the multicolor dragon.
A dragon must eat in order to grow big and strong. Rotate the world to move the dragon and feed it a balanced breakfast.
Build houses to please the diverse citizens of Freeport.
Turn Freeport into the happiest town in the galaxy! Design neighborhoods so that humans, energy beasts and shapeshifters can live together in harmony.
Clear the board and see the night sky.
These puzzles will keep you up late! Sequence your moves correctly to clear the board and see the night sky.
Unscramble the letters to find hidden words!
R-T-A: Can you make four words using these letters? Tons more puzzles inside!
Rotate the world and use your jetpack!
Up, up and away! Rotate the world, then fly through it with your jetpack. Dodge falling crates and dangerous electric cables.
Program your ship to cross the finish line!
These asteroids are coming in hot! Take the controls and program your ship to dodge, boost and blast your way to safety.
Trap the triangle, save the square!
The A.I. thinks it can outsmart you. Will you be able to anticipate its moves and trap it before it gets to the square?
Grab your dinner without getting wet!
Help the rabbit cross the river and grab dinner. Snag all three carrots for a filling meal and a perfect score!
Brave the steep cliffs to find your stylish pals!
Watch your step! You don't want to find out what's at the bottom of these mountains. Tread carefully across the cliffs to find your four-legged friends.
Line up your bounces and hit the target!
Can you set up the perfect sequence? Bounce between blocks to hit the green target!
Help the workers deliver their packages!
The workers can't remember which way to go. Get those packages delivered! Give them one set of instructions to bring their packages to the conveyor belt.
Lead your flock of sheep to the pasture.
Ever wanted to know what the life of a shepherd is like? It's 6 A.M: time to hop out of bed and lead your sheep down to the pasture.
Save the little critters!
The little critters are afraid of heights! Match blocks to get them down to safety.
Cover all the glowing circles!
The blocks have special powers to push and pull. Use them to cover all the glowing circles!
Cha-ching! Pass the coins around evenly.
Cha-ching! Slide the coins between outposts to get them all out of the red.
Take command of the robots!
Take command of the robots! Use elevators, magnets and conveyor belts to get them to the exits. If you don't act fast they might walk right off a cliff!
Straighten out the mess of colored tiles!
Activate the colored tiles until they all match. Are you ready to take on the Expert levels?
Tend your garden and fill up the tiles.
Tend your garden and make it grow! Use teleports and avoid spikes to fill up all the tiles.
Shift tri-tiles to connect the lines.
Shift tri-tiles to connect the lines. Try this three-sided twist on the classic slide puzzle!
Break out! Or will you get boxed in?
Take control of the purple slime trying to escape from the dungeon. Are you a box pushing champion, or will you get boxed in?
Plug in the green wire to power on!
Stretch your wire across every tile and close the circuit. Pick up coins, keys and more to solve all 20 levels!
Slide tiles to match the target image.
Ever tried a Rubik's Cube? Slide the tiles to match the target image. But can you change one tile without messing up the whole pattern?
Initiate containment protocol.
Initiating containment protocol... lay walls to surround and isolate the discrepancies.
You can't jump. But you can move mountains.
In this strange and unusual world, you cannot jump. Fortunately, you CAN summon mountains beneath your feet. And get filthy stinkin' rich.
Help Mr. Tulip Head grow his garden!
Mr. Tulip Head will teach you to be a gardening expert. Plant seeds and position your flowers to create the most charming garden the world has ever seen!
Its mealtime! Feed the hungry mouse.
Its mealtime! Put your architect's hat on and draw a path to serve the mouse its cheesy dinner.
Fill in the tiles without running out of moves.
Fill in the tiles without running out of moves. Figure out when you need to back track and find the perfect route.
Get ready for some more shape-shifting puzzles!
Pair up with the pink plasticine! Use your clay-sculpting skills to solve puzzles. Shed some extra weight to change your abilities.
Cross the lines to sketch the shapes!
Light up the dungeon! Connect the torches and sketch the shapes. Can you solve all 20 challenges?
Stretch the tails to color the grid.
These puzzles will tie you in knots! Stretch each tail until you fill the whole grid with color.
Unscramble the pixels to fix the picture!
Someone scrambled the picture! Can you piece it back together?
Can you clear a path to the exit?
Clear out all the tiles, but make sure you leave a path to the exit!
Are you "literate" enough to find all 6 solutions?
Each symbol has a secret meaning. Are you "literate" enough to uncover all 6 solutions?
This monkey is hungry!
Sometimes when you want a banana, you've got to break a couple of coconuts.
Light up the grid to collect all the jewels!
Collect all the jewels by filling up the grid! Can you figure out where to place each route?
Grab your magic axe and free the captives!
Grab your magic axe and free the captives! Dodge traps and defeat the enemies lurking in the caves.
Mind-bending puzzles.
Connect your way across multiple dimensions in these mind-bending puzzles. Can you see the solution?
Slide and stack your way to combine the colors!
Slide and stack your way to combine the colors! How many moves will it take you?
It's the classic game of Sokoban, but reversed!
It's just like Sokoban, but reversed! Pull the blocks backwards and unlock doors to escape the dungeon.
An abandoned temple. A lost brother.
Uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization and its lost technologies in a search for your missing brother.
What goes up must also find its way to the exit.
You're stuck inside a sunken ship! Use the grappling hook to maneuver your way through the mazes and escape.
Paint the happy hexagons to make them match.
These happy hexagons all want to match. Switch up their colors, but don't run out of moves!
Wrap around the edges to escape the temple!
Fall through the floor and wrap around the edges of the temple. Use your camera-shifting skills to solve puzzles and escape!
Slide the pieces to connect all the lines.
Slide the pieces to remove all the pegs and connect the lines. Can you keep track of all the segments?
Dive into the caves and find the lost treasures!
Scuba Bear needs help collecting all the treasures on his list! Dive into the caves to collect all the hidden treasures.
Build cities for ancient civilizations!
The ancient emperors have appointed you as lead architect for their new cities. Build homes for their people along the famous rivers. Can you reach the Nile?
Slide the colored line to fill the grid!
Carefully plan your path through the grid. Fill it up with the colored lines and reach all the exits.
This bear is hungry! Collect all the picnic baskets.
There's a hungry bear on the loose! Help him eat his way through the picnic and escape back to the forest.
Push the dice together so they add up to 6!
The dice are all over the place! Push to combine them until they all add to 6.
Joe got lost! Help guide him to the exit.
Joe only knows one way to walk: straight ahead! Use your items to guide him safely to the exit.
Save the day on the all-new Fairy Tale Island.
On the all-new Fairy Tale island, everyone's happy endings have gone awry. Can you save the day?
Slide tiles to connect the lines!
Slide tiles around to connect the wires. Can you get everything turned on without getting your wires crossed?
Pair up with the pink plasticine!
Pair up with the pink plasticine! Use your clay-sculpting skills to solve puzzles. Shed some extra weight to jump over high cliffs.
Match all the unique triplets!
Match all the triplets together! Each piece needs to be either the same or completely different as the others. For the ultimate challenge, try Infinity Mode.
Help Doctor Acorn build a snowman!
Help Doctor Acorn build a snowman! Roll and fly to get all the snowballs safely to the exit. Try to collect the stars along the way.
Program your robot to help it escape!
Test your coding skills by programming the robot to help it escape! Careful...this robot ALWAYS follows its commands.
Slide the tiles onto the matching colors!
Slide the tiles to change their colors! Can you figure out how to match all the colors?
Slide the snakes to escape the basket!
Help the green snake escape the basket! Slide the snakes to clear a path to the exit. Can you solve all the levels?
Can you escape the dungeon?
You're trapped in a mysterious dungeon with an army full of skeletons! Plan your moves carefully to escape.
Line up your dominoes and knock them down!
Carefully place your dominoes, then knock them over and hit the big red button. Can you get past all the obstacles?
Can you fit all the pieces together to solve the puzzle?
Get all the blocks to fit in the correct spots. How many different puzzles can you solve?
You only get one push. Use it wisely!
Only one push? But there are so many rocks blocking your way! Make the most of your one push and capture the golden idol.
Arrange the tiles to light up the lines!
Light up the tiles! Arrange them in a connected line to turn them on. Can you solve these puzzles?
Avoid the sunlight and save the ducks!
Stay out of the light! Use your vampire powers to outrun the sun and save your duck friends.
Slide the boxes into place!
Master the art of box sliding. Expertly land your boxes on the marked tiles, and use the metal crates to smash through walls!
Follow the clues to find your pets!
If the owl is above the donut, and the donut is to the right of the cat, then that means...follow the clues to find your pets!
Find the pattern to turn the screen black.
First there was Yellow. Then there was Red. Now it's time for Black. Can you solve the puzzle in every level?
How's your vocab? Fill the grid with words!
S-P-Y...Can you spell a word for every row? You need a big vocabulary to get through all thirty-nine levels.
Find the clues, crack the codes and escape!
Where are you and how did you get here? Check your surroundings carefully to find clues and crack the codes. Can you escape in 30 minutes?
Fill all the spaces again!
Slither across the tiles and fill them all up. Use portals and jumps to get to the X. Can you solve all 30 levels?
A new twist on the classic game Sudoku.
This is a new twist on the classic game Sudoku. Can you place all the numbers without breaking the rules?
Outsmart the AI to get the squares.
Can you outsmart the AI? Plan your moves and grab the squares before it can block you in.
Take apart the puzzle piece by piece!
What's more fun than solving a puzzle? Taking it apart! Work backwards and remove every piece.
Find the thief and kick them out!
It's up to you to stop the criminal! Interview victims and gather clues. Can you track down the thief before they run away?
Sneak across falling platforms!
Help Valdi sneak across the floating platforms. Can you grab the diamonds and escape before you get trapped?
Connect the roads and light up the path!
The roads are jumbled, but there is always a solution. Plan your moves and light up the path forward!
Can you solve the mystery in the secret lab?
You control the rotation of the world. Use your powers to discover the secrets of the mysterious laboratory!
Draw shapes without getting crossed up.
I bet you've never seen these shapes before! Draw lines to create crazy shapes without using the same line twice.
Wake up and save the day!
Time for a rude awakening! Hop out of bed and start running to save the day. Drink magic potions to get super powers and open all the chests.
Help Tom find the hidden treasure!
He knows how to run, but he has no idea where to go! Place walls to help Tom find the keys and unlock the hidden treasure chests.
Connect the hexes to complete the pattern.
Triangle, square, pentagon...Can you finish the pattern? Every set of objects has something in common. Figure it out to solve the pattern.
Slide across the grass and get in the hole!
Slide and score! Use the walls to change direction and roll to the hole. You'll need to figure out portals and other obstacles to get there.
Decorate your pumpkin with the right colors.
Trick or treat! Dress up your pumpkin and get ready for halloween. Paint it with the right colors and costumes.
Shoot balls of light to find the way forward.
I hope you aren't afraid of the dark! Light up the path or plunge into the darkness. Watch out for spikes and moving objects.
Poof! Fill every square.
Use the block-making machines to fill the board. Discover how they work and activate them in the right order.
Stretch and slide to make the right shape!
Where does this go? And how does that connect to this? Stretch and slide to make the right shape!
Keep pushing until you get the treasure.
You've got to keep on pushing if you want to reach the gems! Dodge dangerous lasers and traps, and make sure you don't block yourself in.
Push past lasers and slide into the exit.
Round the corners and slide into the exit! There are keys to find and lasers to disable. Can you make a safe path to your destination?