New Logic Games

You have the superpower to rotate platforms 90 degrees at a time. Use it to grab gems and get to the door!

Master the elements in the all-new Fire, Water and Wind Temples. Work together to collect the gems and reach the doors.

Have you been here before? Lose your head again and again escaping this dungeon. Or will you be trapped in the cycle forever?

You've woken up in a lab experiment gone horrifically wrong! Thankfully, you've found a gravity cannon. Can you escape the lab?

Step into the pumpkin patch! Slide the pumpkins into the right slots to collect magic candies.

Explore the mysterious ruins and decipher their hidden codes. Activate the lights and launch yourself to the moon!

Twist and spin to connect the towers. Follow the colors and watch them grow!

Try out a new twist on Sudoku! Add dots to the hexagons to make the target numbers.

Avast ye matey! There is bountiful treasure hidden on the island. Push and jump on your trusty crates to find it and get rich!

Can you keep the power on? Think ahead and plan your moves to push your battery into the charger.

Come on into the spelling party! Every level has something to say. Place all the letters correctly to read the message!

You've found your way into another dungeon! Plan your moves carefully to avoid the enemy skeletons, grab the key, and make your way out.

Connect tiles to output the right sums. When you have everything just right the tiles will all light up!

Study the cells under your microscope. Shift and duplicate them to fill up the petri dish.

If you are feeling empty, this game is sure to fill you up. Grow your snake to fill all the squares.

Welcome back, Cyber Tank Commander! Out-think the robotic defense system and infiltrate the enemy base.

If you've played Red, Yellow or Black, you know how this works. Every level is a new puzzle. Can you turn them all blue?

A dragon must eat in order to grow big and strong. Rotate the world to move the dragon and feed it a balanced breakfast.

Turn Freeport into the happiest town in the galaxy! Design neighborhoods so that humans, energy beasts and shapeshifters can live together in harmony.

These puzzles will keep you up late! Sequence your moves correctly to clear the board and see the night sky.

R-T-A: Can you make four words using these letters? Tons more puzzles inside!

Ready for a wild island adventure? Solve ancient puzzles, claim loot, smash bad guys and defeat the final boss!

Up, up and away! Rotate the world, then fly through it with your jetpack. Dodge falling crates and dangerous electric cables.

These asteroids are coming in hot! Take the controls and program your ship to dodge, boost and blast your way to safety.

The A.I. thinks it can outsmart you. Will you be able to anticipate its moves and trap it before it gets to the square?

Help the rabbit cross the river and grab dinner. Snag all three carrots for a filling meal and a perfect score!

Watch your step! You don't want to find out what's at the bottom of these mountains. Tread carefully across the cliffs to find your four-legged friends.

Can you set up the perfect sequence? Bounce between blocks to hit the green target!

The workers can't remember which way to go. Get those packages delivered! Give them one set of instructions to bring their packages to the conveyor belt.

Ever wanted to know what the life of a shepherd is like? It's 6 A.M: time to hop out of bed and lead your sheep down to the pasture.

The little critters are afraid of heights! Match blocks to get them down to safety.

The blocks have special powers to push and pull. Use them to cover all the glowing circles!

Cha-ching! Slide the coins between outposts to get them all out of the red.

Take command of the robots! Use elevators, magnets and conveyor belts to get them to the exits. If you don't act fast they might walk right off a cliff!

Activate the colored tiles until they all match. Are you ready to take on the Expert levels?

Tend your garden and make it grow! Use teleports and avoid spikes to fill up all the tiles.

Shift tri-tiles to connect the lines. Try this three-sided twist on the classic slide puzzle!

Take control of the purple slime trying to escape from the dungeon. Are you a box pushing champion, or will you get boxed in?

Stretch your wire across every tile and close the circuit. Pick up coins, keys and more to solve all 20 levels!

Ever tried a Rubik's Cube? Slide the tiles to match the target image. But can you change one tile without messing up the whole pattern?

Initiating containment protocol... lay walls to surround and isolate the discrepancies.

In this strange and unusual world, you cannot jump. Fortunately, you CAN summon mountains beneath your feet. And get filthy stinkin' rich.

Mr. Tulip Head will teach you to be a gardening expert. Plant seeds and position your flowers to create the most charming garden the world has ever seen!

Its mealtime! Put your architect's hat on and draw a path to serve the mouse its cheesy dinner.

Fill in the tiles without running out of moves. Figure out when you need to back track and find the perfect route.

Pair up with the pink plasticine! Use your clay-sculpting skills to solve puzzles. Shed some extra weight to change your abilities.

Light up the dungeon! Connect the torches and sketch the shapes. Can you solve all 20 challenges?

These puzzles will tie you in knots! Stretch each tail until you fill the whole grid with color.

Someone scrambled the picture! Can you piece it back together?

Clear out all the tiles, but make sure you leave a path to the exit!

Each symbol has a secret meaning. Are you "literate" enough to uncover all 6 solutions?

Sometimes when you want a banana, you've got to break a couple of coconuts.

Collect all the jewels by filling up the grid! Can you figure out where to place each route?

Grab your magic axe and free the captives! Dodge traps and defeat the enemies lurking in the caves.

Connect your way across multiple dimensions in these mind-bending puzzles. Can you see the solution?

Slide and stack your way to combine the colors! How many moves will it take you?

It's just like Sokoban, but reversed! Pull the blocks backwards and unlock doors to escape the dungeon.

Uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization and its lost technologies in a search for your missing brother.

You're stuck inside a sunken ship! Use the grappling hook to maneuver your way through the mazes and escape.

These happy hexagons all want to match. Switch up their colors, but don't run out of moves!

Fall through the floor and wrap around the edges of the temple. Use your camera-shifting skills to solve puzzles and escape!

Slide the pieces to remove all the pegs and connect the lines. Can you keep track of all the segments?

Scuba Bear needs help collecting all the treasures on his list! Dive into the caves to collect all the hidden treasures.

The ancient emperors have appointed you as lead architect for their new cities. Build homes for their people along the famous rivers. Can you reach the Nile?

Carefully plan your path through the grid. Fill it up with the colored lines and reach all the exits.

Slice and dice these new crazy shapes! Trim down all the shapes without getting hit by the balls.

There's a hungry bear on the loose! Help him eat his way through the picnic and escape back to the forest.

The dice are all over the place! Push to combine them until they all add to 6.

Joe only knows one way to walk: straight ahead! Use your items to guide him safely to the exit.

Hop in your hot air balloon and prepare for adventure! Solve a whole new quest on every island.

Slide tiles around to connect the wires. Can you get everytihng turned on without getting your wires crossed?

Pair up with the pink plasticine! Use your clay-sculpting skills to solve puzzles. Shed some extra weight to jump over high cliffs.

Match all the triplets together! Each piece needs to be either the same or completely different as the others. For the ultimate challenge, try Infinity Mode.

Help Doctor Acorn build a snowman! Roll and fly to get all the snowballs safely to the exit. Try to collect the stars along the way.

Test your coding skills by programming the robot to help it escape! Careful...this robot ALWAYS follows its commands.

Slide the tiles to change their colors! Can you figure out how to match all the colors?

Help the green snake escape the basket! Slide the snakes to clear a path to the exit. Can you solve all the levels?

You're trapped in a mysterious dungeon with an army full of skeletons! Plan your moves carefully to escape.

Carefully place your dominoes, then knock them over and hit the big red button. Can you get past all the obstacles?

Get all the blocks to fit in the correct spots. How many different puzzles can you solve?

Only one push? But there are so many rocks blocking your way! Make the most of your one push and capture the golden idol.

Light up the tiles! Arrange them in a connected line to turn them on. Can you solve these puzzles?

Stay out of the light! Use your vampire powers to outrun the sun and save your duck friends.

Master the art of box sliding. Expertly land your boxes on the marked tiles, and use the metal crates to smash through walls!

If the owl is above the donut, and the donut is to the right of the cat, then that means...follow the clues to find your pets!

First there was Yellow. Then there was Red. Now it's time for Black. Can you solve the puzzle in every level?

S-P-Y...Can you spell a word for every row? You need a big vocabulary to get through all thirty-nine levels.

Where are you and how did you get here? Check your surroundings carefully to find clues and crack the codes. Can you escape in 30 minutes?

Slither across the tiles and fill them all up. Use portals and jumps to get to the X. Can you solve all 30 levels?

This is a new twist on the classic game Sudoku. Can you place all the numbers without breaking the rules?

Can you outsmart the AI? Plan your moves and grab the squares before it can block you in.

What's more fun than solving a puzzle? Taking it apart! Work backwards and remove every piece.

It's up to you to stop the criminal! Interview victims and gather clues. Can you track down the thief before they run away?

Help Valdi sneak across the floating platforms. Can you grab the diamonds and escape before you get trapped?

The roads are jumbled, but there is always a solution. Plan your moves and light up the path forward!

You control the rotation of the world. Use your powers to discover the secrets of the mysterious laboratory!

I bet you've never seen these shapes before! Draw lines to create crazy shapes without using the same line twice.

Time for a rude awakening! Hop out of bed and start running to save the day. Drink magic potions to get super powers and open all the chests.

He knows how to run, but he has no idea where to go! Place walls to help Tom find the keys and unlock the hidden treasure chests.

Triangle, square, pentagon...Can you finish the pattern? Every set of objects has something in common. Figure it out to solve the pattern.

Slide and score! Use the walls to change direction and roll to the hole. You'll need to figure out portals and other obstacles to get there.

Trick or treat! Dress up your pumpkin and get ready for halloween. Paint it with the right colors and costumes.

I hope you aren't afraid of the dark! Light up the path or plunge into the darkness. Watch out for spikes and moving objects.

Use the block-making machines to fill the board. Discover how they work and activate them in the right order.

Where does this go? And how does that connect to this? Stretch and slide to make the right shape!

You've got to keep on pushing if you want to reach the gems! Dodge dangerous lasers and traps, and make sure you don't block yourself in.

Round the corners and slide into the exit! There are keys to find and lasers to disable. Can you make a safe path to your destination?

Calculate and connect! Use a little math and a lot of planning to connect the numbers and hit the targets.

Do you speak robot? Schedule commands to program your bot and get it into the goal. Make adjustments until you get the perfect sequence.

A feast of bubbles awaits! But you'll have to get past some sea monsters first. Make smart moves to reach the rainbow bubble safely.

Follow the instructions and grab the right shapes, colors, letters and numbers. It might sound simple, but it doesn't stay that way!

Cyber Tank reporting for duty! Your path is guarded by robotic sentry towers. Will you blast them out of your way, or sneak around their field of vision?

You're a ghost that can control the sun! Sneak through the house without touching the light. Move the sun around to stay in the shadows.

Get through the maze without turning! Every block goes in one direction. Can you push them all into the targets?

Fling yourself at the wall. Turn around. Do it again! Hit buttons to open gates and keep going to hit the target.

Zap! Use lasers to turn on the lights. Mix different colors, and reflect them with mirrors, splitters and prisms.

X marks the spot! Fill up every space and finish on the X. It starts simple until you need to use portals and jumps to draw the right path.

Poof! Make all the blocks disappear. Plan your moves carefully or you might fill the whole board back up.

Match identical tiles together to destroy all the cubes before running out of moves. Can you find the right sequence?

You're trapped in the maze! Push the boxes out of your way to create a path to the exit. Think ahead or else you just might box yourself in!

Turn on the lights! Untangle the wires to build the circuit and bring the power back on line.

Slide around covering the floor with your tracks. Plan your moves wisely to paint the ground without crossing your own path.

Use your lightning powers to zap from wall to wall. Enter the portal without flying off the course.

Build the perfect route, then ride the rail to the target. But make one mistake and you will wipe out!

Snip, snip! Cut the thread to separate the colored buttons from the cloth. Leave no buttons behind!

You're a ninja with a secret power. You can slice through the world to shift it around. Use your world-slicing ability to land impossible jumps.

Scoot your square to the target without getting fried by dangerous lasers.

Find the secret mechanism to paint the screen red! Every level is a new puzzle. Look closely to crack its code.

Think you can detect an optical illusion? Train your eyes to follow the clues in these physically impossible rooms.

Ready to fire up the cannon again? Flip switches and push buttons so you can shoot and score!

Ah yes, a fine day for a daring expedetion. I say, there are some unusual monsters here. And what other excitement awaits in this mysterious land? 

Bring back the rock! Roll off ramps, over bridges and through tunnels to reach the magic circle.

Everyone is downsizing! You're the expert mover. Help them cram all their stuff into their tiny new homes.

There are crazy contraptions and inventions in every room! Use them to find the hidden candy and stars.

Can you zero out? Remove blocks with addition and subtraction. Keep track of the numbers and keep your board clean.

Fight off monsters, find treasure chests, buy potions, and unlock dungeon passages. Just another typical day for a knight.

Can you solve a puzzle backwards? The pieces start locked together, and it's your job to pull them apart!

Grab the bunnies and bring them to safety! Dodge vultures, jump chasms, but don't leave any behind!

There are four keys in the countryside. Each is hidden within a different type of maze. Look carefully and find them all!

Find a route to the target number! Slide your number around the board. Use the operations at just the right time.

Take control of living ink! Draw a creative pattern to pop all of the colored balls. Try bouncing off the side walls to make awesome patterns.

Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization! Study their inventions and solve their puzzles. Can you uncover all their secrets?

Guide the lasers with all sorts of crazy devices. Brighten the night sky with the colorful beams. See if you can illuminate all the targets!

Paint the board green! Each tile needs the exact right number of tiles next to it. Use the open spaces to make perfect connections.

How's your three-point shot? Aim over defenders and obstacles, or smash right through them!

Explore the mysterious dungeon. Solve puzzles, disarm traps and gain awesome new powers. Can you find the treasure waiting at the end?

Pump up the jam! The crowd is locked outside of the concert. Move crates and open the velvet rope to help them see the show.

Choose your category and find the hidden words. Think you're a super word sleuth? Try the ultra-hard maniac mode!

You're going to need a bigger boat! Reach the buoy to escape from the hungry sharks.

The spirits of the woods need your help! Find the spirit stones and restore hope to the dying forest.

Use your jetpack to fly around the dangerous space station. Find all three keycards and destroy the core reactor!

Travel through three ancient civilizations. Fit the blocks together quickly and get three stars!

Ready. Aim. Fire! Turn levers, flip switches and warp through portals to score a basket in this crazy physics game!

Security breach! Take control of robots to move around the factory. Push boxes and pull levers to make your escape!

Boing! Build a bouncing contraption to send your balls flying around. Aim carefully and hit the target.

Hang on to your balloons! Guess the letters to solve the word puzzle and stay alive.

Step into the light! Fire up the color cannon and activate the crystal receivers.

This game is full of impossible geometry and optical illusions. Look closely to find the connecting paths.

How does the red triangle cross the road? It uses moving platforms and teleporting blocks, of course! Help it reach the green square.

When you're stuck in 2-D, try adding another dimension! Rotate the 3-D world to get a new point of view. Collect the stars to win.

Need a lift? Collect big fares by bringing the passengers home. Plan your route and don't crash the taxis!

The red pixels are chasing you. Master their movements and fake them out! Touch all the green pixels to win.

The cemetery is haunted! The monsters have all risen from their graves. It's up to you to push them back where they belong.

The wires are all knotted up! Remove them carefully to avoid collisions. Restore order to the rhombi.

You'll need to look before you leap to help Naya find the edge of the world. These crazy 3-D tile formations will make you question your own senses!

The astronauts are stranded in deep space. Jump in your spacecraft and pilot the rescue mission.

All you have to do is roll to the goal. Move the wooden blocks to make a path and then watch your ball roll in.

You'll have to think 3-dimensionally to find your way through these mazes! Shift your perspective to find a way out.

Each level is a miniature maze with new rules to learn. Can you reach the green circle safely?

Power up the targets by turning on the right circuits. Be careful not to overload them with too much electricity!

The totems came alive and split apart! Arrange these odd shapes into perfect squares to turn them back to stone.

Test your spatial recognition skills! Arrange the shapes so they all fit inside the puzzle.

Every good doctor needs a headlamp. But yours is lost in the forest! Find it so that you can get back to work.

You're lost in a strange land. Can you decode the runes and find the way back home?

Roll the rock to its destination. Use momentum and gravity to pull off jumps and reach new heights.

The colorful hexagons need to be stacked up. Follow the arrows to move them on top of each other.

The wires are all jumbled and misplaced. Place them in the correct order to return power to the circuit!

This puzzle game dates back to the 17th century. Can you find the right moves to get down to one?

Assemble the arrows and make the perfect path! Can you collect all of the alien treasures?

Agent Green is on the case! Explore a mysterious cave and discover the greatest tomato recipe in the world!

Are you crazy like a fox? Use gravity to remove blocks and help the foxes reach their den safely.

The floor is a burning ball of fire! Jump across the platforms and collect parts for your spaceship! 

An evil wizard has kidnapped the princess! Help Jo and Momo work together to jump over obstacles and save her!

Help the fox collect all of the treasure in the magic forest! Switch between night and day to find the right path.

How do you make a dog into a hot dog? That's just one question you need to answer in this crazy game!

Like Minesweeper? Use all-new sweeping abilities to find the mines!

This caterpillar may look friendly, but these puzzles are just mean! Can you worm your way to safety?

Your objective is simple: turn the screen yellow. But each level is a mysterious new puzzle! Can you figure it all out?

There's candy everywhere! Take control of a candy piece and push all of the candies into his mouth. 

Oh no! Some of your rodent friends got their noses stuck in the traps again! Put on your fancy red cape, save your pals, and catapult your way to safety.

Transform circles to squares and back again. Outsmart the red wereboxes and knock them off the screen!

Prove that you are an origami expert! Try to fold the paper into the correct shapes pefectly. 

These chipmunks need to eat! Chew through blocks of wood to make crazy collisions and help the chipmunks find food for the winter.

These ice cold critters can't walk but they can fly! Use explosive physics to help penguin friends grab a sushi dinner.

Where's my water? Bring water from above to help the raccoon wash his clothes. Draw paths and solve puzzles to funnel water into his bucket. 

Do you know what time it is? Grab your thinking cap and get ready for more zany puzzles. Solve each puzzle in order to reveal the hidden play button.

These creatures have been shipwrecked on an island in the middle of the ocean! Help each creature find the way to its mate.

The three pandas have been sucked into a strange fantasy land! Help them escape from the evil wizard's house and save this fantasy world.

Ready, set, Snake! Get your snakes back to their pits safely. Plan your route carefully so they don't crash into each other!

You're a very hungry worm. Eat the apple, and reach the portal. Sounds easy? You'll fail most of these puzzles the first time you try them!

Tarsy needs your help popping all of the balloons. Arrange balloons on the grid to start a chain reaction!

Enter a mysterious vault where if you leave the room, you appear on the other side! Solve mind-bending puzzles and play with gravity if you want to escape alive.

Help the Yetis escape their icy cave and make it home. Solve puzzles and defeat the evil snow trolls!

This is not a game. It is not fun. Please do not click it.

Help, it's dark in here! You have a limited number of bulbs to light up the entire room. Can you figure out how?

3... 2... 1... Blockoomz! Blow up the red blocks to blast all the other blocks off! But be careful, you've got to keep the yellow blocks safe!

The color jelly-blobs are back! Make them all the same color in 20 color-iffic puzzles.

More crazy puzzles! Put on your thinking cap and try to find the play button in each level.

You've woken up in a mysterious cave! Can you figure out how to escape?

Om nom nom! The yeti monster wants to eat all of the frozen treats! Slide ice blocks so that he can collect the food and reach the finish line.

Back into the pipes! Use the colored blobs to change the level and reach the next pipe.

You've been abducted by aliens in your sleep. And for some reason, they're making you solve puzzles to deliver Christmas presents! Bring the gifts to the tree.

Stack all of the shapes on top of each other in each level. Don't let the wind blow any of your pieces off!

Program the robot to reach the finish line by placing turns, tubes, portals and more in his path!

Help the three boys run, jump and climb over each other in order to escape each level.

Think outside the box to find the hidden play button in each crazy puzzle! Put on your thinking cap and get clicking!

Use your wits to help the explorer escape the temple. Move blocks and stairs, activate switches and make it to the door to find the exit.

Amigo Coyote is on his way to central Asia! Help him make his way to the top of the cliffs of Peril!

The cat is back, and he's traveling to Japan! Explore the house and solve puzzles to find all 20 sushi pieces.

See if you can figure out how to turn on all of the lights in the box. Each level is a new mind-bending puzzle!

The three pandas are cooking up another adventure down in Brazil. Make sure they stay out of trouble!

Get all of the blocks across the level safely! One problem: they all move together. Move, jump, slide and even change direction to reach the exit.

Max was enjoying a stroll through the park when he was abducted by aliens! Help him rescue his girlfriend and escape the alien ship.

Meet the Doods! Slide the jelly blocks around the grid to connect all blocks of the same color.

Someone mixed up the colored blocks! Slide the blocks around to match the picture above.

Turn and fold the connected shapes to fill the outlined figure. Build a butterfly, airplane, giraffe and more! Use the guide to help make the perfect fit!

More gear-grinding gear and chain puzzles! Draw chains to connect all of the gears and make them turn. Don't cross the chains!

The colored pipe monsters are back! Collect the colored blobs (or avoid them!) to walk through walls and reach the pipe.

The Three Pandas have escaped their captors, but are stranded at night on a jungle island! Stick together and use their abilities to survive.

These three aliens have crash-landed on another planet! Each of them has a special ability. Morph between them to solve puzzles and escape the temple!

You're a marshmallow, and aliens have captured you for studying (or roasting). Change your shape and use physics to escape their alien spaceship!

Use your pen to draw a shape and hit all of the colored circles. You'll need a steady hand in order to avoid the black ones!

You're a slippery one-eyed alien stuck in a maze. Find a way to get the key and make it to the door. There are a lot of obstacles in your way!

Fox and his ball buddy Roll are back. Remove blocks and help them reunite!

This is a weird one! The PLAY button is hidden somewhere in each level. But you've got to figure out what to do in each wacky puzzle, if you want to find it.

Amigo is on another adventure...this time to the arctic and Peru! Keep him safe and help him reach the top!

There's all different kinds of jelly cubes! Change their color so that they match. Try and do it with as few moves as possible!

This guy will do anything it takes to get his hat back...even if it means splitting into lots of different pieces! Use your body to get back to your hat.

Here's a puzzle with a unique twist: bend and fold the connected shapes to match the outline. Build a bike, a face, a tie and more cool stuff!

What happens if you walk off the edge of the world? In this game, you show up on the opposite side! See if you can reach the magic cube.

Help the ball creatures collect stars and reach the flag. Place your powerups in the right spots to activate their special abilities.

Enter this wacky Purbald world where little purple critters listen to your every command. Collect the stars and get them to safety!

It's a science project. Move ramps, bends, and other objects to fill the capacitors with colored paint.

The little blue aliens are back on Earth. Use their special powers to help them get back to the ship.

This colored monster needs to make it to the pipe. Change your monster's color to make make platforms, walls, and obstacles disappear!

Here's an interesting one: try to get your black cube into the glowing yellow box. You've got to plan your path and time your moves just right!

You're on a crazy game show where you need to think outside the box! Solve the puzzle and get to the exit!

These three panda brothers have been captured by poachers! Help them escape and make it home safely.

This sequel is loaded with better graphics, awesome physics, and even more wacky puzzles than the original. Take your best shot!

How good are you at hidden object games? Search the room to find the three stars and the hidden piece of candy.

Amigo Coyote has a hot date in Tibet! Help him climb the Himalayan mountains and reach the Tibetan plateau.

Connect the gears to make them all turn. Sound easy? It's tougher than it looks! Better get your brain into high gear!

Are you ready for a challenge? It's the hardest Monsterland game yet! Help Junior and his baby sister wake up their big brother block.

Help this crazy fish jump from the water to collect pearls. Aim carefully, jump off ramps, and fly around corners to get them all!

All five of Daddy Longleg's kids have their birthday today! Sling webs and climb around the house and deliver slices of birthday cake to them.

The electric devices have run out of power! Move conductors into place and reconnect the battery to the electric device to restore power.

Papa Louie has decided to open a Bakeria! Bake delicious apple, blueberry and chocolate fudge pies for your customers.

These crazy balls are really off the wall! Each Colorball has a unique ability. Use the bouncing, rolling, jumping, and floating balls to collect all of the stars.

Blocky is stuck on moving platforms above a pool of acid! Avoid traps, go through portals, and make it to the exit safely!

The museum had a break in, and now they need you to install a new laser system! Place lasers to cover the entire museum floor.

Weird aliens have invaded Splibox land, and Mr. Splibox wants to help! Rescue the brown Spliboxes and avoid the aliens by making walls of Spliboxes.

Back from his last adventure, Eratosthenes discovered a trove of ancient scrolls in the Library of Alexandria! Help him travel Egypt again and spread knowledge.

Figure out how to slice the box to match the design. Make precise cuts in the right order to match perfectly.

Wheely decided it would be a good idea to open a bank account. But a gang of cars robbed the bank! Help Wheely figure out who stole his money.

Help Alfi, a young forest spirit, explore the forest and capture a golden flower that can grant any wish.

Assemble your team of thieves and break into the bank! Open locked doors, move obstacles, hack computers and blow up walls to escape with the cash!

Think you've got a good throwing arm? Hurl stone, ice and fire to get the caveman's baby dinosaur into the nest. Don't run out of ammo!

Two dogs are stranded in a space station on the moon! Use teamwork to help them reach their rocket and escape the station.

Help the blue and green monsters knock off the red monster blocks. Each monster has a special ability.

Warning: This is the hardest Layer Maze game yet! Flip switches to move sliders and unblock new paths in the maze.

Evil coyotes have kidnapped the kids from Sun Grande city! Help Amigo Coyote fly up the cliffs to the mountain fortress and rescue them!

Someone's mixed up the blocks! Can you find the pattern, and put the blocks back in the right order?

Shoot basketballs out of a cannon into the hoop! But you'll need to clear your path first!

Place powerups in exactly the right place to guide the ball. Reach the flag before you run out of moves. Can you collect the stars along the way?

Help this sock guy get his hat back! He can unattach his limbs to push levers and hold doors open. But he needs them to climb walls and make jumps too!

He's back, and he's hungry! Help the blue critter catch some Christmas candy in this winter wonderland.

Alarmy has crash landed on a strange world full of sleeping monsters. Help him wake them up!

Help the blue ball escape the maze in the ultimate 3 dimensional layer maze challenge. Use your new ability to re-color your ball for a whole new challenge.

You're on the demolition crew, and you need to take down a huge tower frame. Find the tower's weak points and collapse them using as little TNT as possible.

There's plenty of work at the rail yard! Flip switches, connect cars, and move the trains to the right stations.

Travel through Egypt and toss scrolls to educate the peasants. Aim your shot and control your power to spread knowledge throughout the land.

Ben and Tusky are out adventuring and can't find their way home! Remove obstacles and use physics to get them back to Ben's wife.

Trick or treat! Help the little blue critter collect his candy in this scary Halloween world.

Wheely went to the movies with his girlfriend, but got stuck in the show! Help him defeat the evil wizard and escape the fantasy world with his princess!

Kind of like our game Cut! Slice up the boxes to get as much of the wood off of the screen as you can. You only get to make four cuts!

There's water everywhere! Strategically position pumps, pipes, portals and other objects to get the right amount of water into each container. Don't spill any!

The little android is stuck on another space station! Fire your laser to change gravity and collect the computer chips so he can get home safely.

More crazy Vehicles action! Help the good rescue vehicles knock the bad ones off of the screen, and get to the parking spots!

The cyclops are back! Move the green and red cyclops shapes onto the platforms that match their color.

You're stuck! Push boxes into the correct positions to open doors and escape from each level.

Find your way through more great layer maze levels. Collect all of the stars in each level to lower your time and improve your score!

The scientist's new time machine has crashed, and now he's stuck back in time! Explore the world and collect parts to help him fix it.

It's block swapping madness! Figure out how to knock off all of the red shaped blocks while keeping the green ones safe.

The BLOCnog needs to eat! Help the BLOCnog grow by sliding it around the level so that it makes the correct shape. After a while, it gets really tricky!

The blocks are out of control! Swap blocks to make sets of 3 and clear them from the board. You only have a few moves to play with, so plan ahead!

Jump on each of the jelly blocks to destroy them and open a portal to the next level. Don't get trapped too far from the portal!

Delete blocks to help the little monster block and his baby sister wake up their bigger brother. Delete as few blocks as possible to master each level!

Aim, shoot, and split light beams of different colors to activate the Globy critters. Try to use as few moves as possible!

The little robot needs help finding his way around the Gravistation! Move him around, shoot lasers, flip gravity, collect coins, and reach the exit.

Cut up the boxes so that all of the ones with the white arrows get knocked off the screen. Each box is pulled in a different way by gravity!

Wheely's lawnmower broke! Go to the store, on a cruise, and into outer space to get it back. And save the world in the process.

Help Fox reunite with his ball buddy, Roll. Clear all of the obstacles in their path.

Help the ninja reach the gong in this crazy, gravity-shifting game! Control a team of ninjas to rotate the world and make a path to the gong for the black ninja.

Arrange numbers on the grid to cancel the larger numbers out. Plan ahead and put the numbers in the right place!

Guide the laser beam through the colored walls and into the pyramid. Plan ahead and don't run out of moves!

The red jelly monsters have been stranded on an alien planet! Help them reunite and find coins along the way.

More Sugar? Draw lines to pour the sugar through funnels and upside down in the craziest Sugar, Sugar game yet!

Break all of the eggs by shooting skeletons out of the cannon. Don't let any eggs fall off the screen!

Slide the pipes around the board to connect the blue arrows to each other.  Sure, it looks easy at first, but wait until you reach level 6!

Collect the energy blocks. After the first level, you can't collect all of the blocks without hitting the spikes or falling off. But your ghost will help you!

Help three jelly creatures explore mysterious tropical islands. Use their different abilities to collect all of the stars and find the statue in each level.

Help all of the blocks grow beards! Arrange the blocks so that all of the blocks get touched by the bearded blocks.

Knock down the towers of red, yellow, and green blocks. Earn stars and unlock new balls which are more powerful but cost more points.

Escape a 3D maze with lots of layers. Did you think the first Layer Maze game was too easy? Then try this one, it's a lot tougher!

See if you can figure out how to recreate the image with a limited number of moves. Once you get the hang of it, it's really fun!

Help Doctor Acorn save the birds! Use your mouse to pull levers, flip switches, collect medicine, and get through each level safely.

Help a smart (but slightly overweight) scientist use his robotic ball to get through each level. Control the ball to go places he can't, avoid traps, and solve puzzles.

Slide the tetris shapes into place quickly to complete the shape. Can you get 3 stars on every level?

Help the good vehicles ram the bad ones off of the screen and get to the parking spots! Each vehicle has special powers to help you solve the puzzle.

Good show, sir! Clear all of the colored blocks from the board, except for the green gentleman. By Jove, it's a jolly good time!

Help the little blue critter collect his candy in this strange mechanical world. Grab gears, boxes, and other objects to pull the critter towards them.

A giant monster has attacked your ship! Escape the ship with the help of a monkey who can turn off gravity.

The bouncy blue block destroys the other blue blocks it touches. Hit the blue blocks in the right order to destroy them all and make it to the red block.

Rearrange the hexagon tiles so that all of the colored chains are connected. Try to do it in as few moves as possible!

Blosics is back! Fling balls at the towers of blocks to knock them down and reach the target score. Each shot costs points, so use the smallest ball you can.

Escape a 3D maze. It looks 2D at first, but you can move between layers of the maze. You'll need to memorize each layer's layout to make good time!

Wheely went to the garage to fix his tire, but accidentally got sent back in time! Help Wheely solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and get back home.

Help Junior wake up his bigger brother in the third game of this great game series. Don't drop Junior!

Help the monsters take over the town! Activate pipes to spread the monsters onto every single open tile in order to win.

Help solve the puzzle in each night's dream. You'll need to think outside the box in order to solve all of them!

Fit all of the tetris blocks into the grey shape as quickly as you can.

The mammoths are stuck outside in the cold weather! Get them back to their huts so they can be with their family.

Help the explorer get through the gate in each level. The door can only be opened if it has power. But you can move around pieces of the level!

Get the good monsters into the portal, but don't let the bad ones in! Destroy platforms to save the good monsters and destroy the bad monsters.

Hop into your submarine and return to the deep sea. Explore the sea floor and find the hidden treasure chests.

Oh no! The king's cake has been stolen! Help him explore his kingdom and get it back. And while you're looking, can you help him find his golden tickets too?

It's rush hour and you're stuck in the parking lot. Move the other cars out of the way so you can reach the exit.

Return to a mysterious world where light can magically make objects appear or disappear. Solve even more extra-cool levels in this great game sequel.

Connect all pipes of the same color. The pipes can't cross, and you have to fill all of the space with pipes!

The orange is back with more extra hard levels! Flip gravity, cut ropes, and crank cranks to help him collect the lemons and reach the exit.

Draw electric lines to connect all of the nodes and complete the circuit. Don't get the electricity crossed!

A great sequel to the popular IQ Ball game. Help the little blue critter catch his candy piece!

Slice the jelly blob into pieces so that no pieces have more than one star. Try to do it in as few moves as possible!

Knock down towers of green blocks in this crazy physics game. Each shot costs points, so plan carefully and use the smallest ball possible.

Bring the cat his favorite African foods by crushing ice blocks, removing obstacles, and knocking out the other animals that want to take his food!

Jellydad's family is imprisoned in the space station! Crawl through vents, hack into computers, and avoid enemies to rescue your family and escape!

This game will really test your timing and planning skills. Just retract the hooks without letting them touch. It starts out easy, but gets much more difficult!

Help Daddy Longlegs deliver holiday gifts to his baby daughter. Shoot webs to climb walls, pick up gifts, and move objects.

Throw snowballs at ice, wood, and steel structures to help Sheriff Snowman save the holiday gifts. Sign me up!

Delete blocks to help the mischievous little monster block wake up his bigger brother. Master each level by deleting as few blocks as possible!

A puzzling sequel to the original Fractured game! Help Molly find her way through each shattered level and reach the portal.

Change gravity, cut ropes, and flip switches to collect all of the coins and get to the next level.

Poof! Help the Magicians collect their cards and escape each level. Use your mirror images to help you, but you'll need to avoid lots of obstacles, too!

The mouse is hungry, but the cat has the cheese! Help the mouse get the cheese in this bite-sized puzzle game!

Hop in your submarine and rescue divers that have been lost at the bottom of the ocean.

Remove blocks to help drop the smiling shapes into the portals. Don't let any of them fall off of the screen!

Help! The power's out in the village! Grab your gears and restore power to the community.

Look out below! Grab your wrecking ball and tear down buildings in as few moves as possible.

Like aliens? Hop in a spaceship and help them bring animals back to their planet!

Explore a mysterious pyramid solving puzzles that'll really make you think outside the box. You might need a friend to help you with these!

The bots are out of control! Group all of the bots together, without letting any of them fall off the screen.

Robo needs to get to work, but everything is broken! Help Robo fix everything and reach the end of each level.

Explore a mysterious world where light can magically make objects disappear. It's kind of weird at first, but trust me, you'll love this game!

Another Wheely-great game! Push buttons, flip switches and crank cranks to help Wheely get to the end of each level.

Help Gombo recover his lost heart. Seems simple, until you learn to put Gombo to sleep and control a Gombite. Then it gets crazy!

Remove obstacles and use gravity to make blocks of the same color collide! Clear all of the colored blocks from each level.

Help the future buddies return home in this awesome rope connecting-and-cutting game!

The pig is on the loose! Help prevent him from escaping by placing stone walls to block his path.

Drop a colored shape into each of the portals in this wacky puzzle game. Can you collect all of the stars on each level?

Remove obstacles and use gravity to make blocks of the same color collide! Clear all of the colored blocks from each level.

Papa Louie wants you to run his Donuteria! Use time management and math skills to help make great donuts that your customers will love.

Amigo Coyote is now partying in New York! Help him float away by removing obstacles so that his balloons don't get popped.

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