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Mini Golf Games

Embark on a miniature golf adventure with our captivating Coolmath Games experience. Aim for the cup and become a mini golf champion!

About Mini Golf Games

Get ready to putt your way through courses and obstacles with the mini golf games collection! While the equipment may be tiny, this collection packs a punch of excitement and thrills.

What are mini golf games?

Mini golf games involve any game that primarily uses putting a ball as the main action. If you have ever played mini golf, or putt-putt as some people call it, you understand all of the joy and silliness that comes with this casual sport.

What is the difference between mini golf and regular golf?

In regular golf, there are different clubs and shots that you have to master. While putting is part of it, there are also other technical aspects, such as driving the ball and chipping onto the green.

Mini golf on the other hand is specifically a putting game. Instead of needing multiple clubs, such as irons, drivers, wedges, and hybrids, all you need to play mini-golf is a putter.

What are the most popular mini golf games?

Probably the most popular game from this collection is Mini Golf Battle Royale. This classic game takes players through a crazy course full of obstacles. Beat your opponent by getting the ball in the cup with fewer strokes than them.

Another popular mini golf game is Wonderputt, which just got updated recently using a flash converter! The concept is similar to Mini Golf Battle Royale, with intense putting gameplay and crazy maps. In Wonderputt, you have all the time in the world to take your shot, so line it up well and make sure that you’re on target.

So now that you know more about these min golf games, make sure to go and check them out! Putt your way to victory.