Rope Cutting Games

Concentration, timing and precision. These are the keys to being a master monster feeder. Time your slices to get a tasty sushi dinner!

Time to get swingin'! Use rope-like movements to light up the circles.

Similar to our popular Civiballs game. Cut ropes and more to get the boy blob to his girlfriend. Collect all the flowers for a maximum score.

When you cut the chain, how will the ball swing? Get the colored balls into their matching buckets... But, you'll need to do some planning!

Change gravity, cut ropes, and flip switches to collect all of the coins and get to the next level.

Cut the ropes to help the nutty squirrel to gather all the nuts for the hungry baby squirrel. Really, you do NOT want that little critter to start crying.

These penguins are not black and white! Help them regain their real color by cutting through ropes and ice.

Help the future buddies return home in this awesome rope connecting-and-cutting game!

Help the orange escape each level in this rope-cutting, gravity-flippingly great game!

The orange is back with more extra hard levels! Flip gravity, cut ropes, and crank cranks to help him collect the lemons and reach the exit.

Flip gravity, cut ropes and avoid obstables to help the orange grab the lemons and escape through the portal. It's the hardest Orange Gravity game yet!

A sequel to the popular Civiballs game! Cut the chains to get the colored balls into their matching buckets... You're going to need to do some planning!