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Read This Before They Take It Down!

Coolmath Games Staff / October 25, 2023
Read This Before They Take It Down!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have made some groundbreaking discoveries about the suspicious activity taking place at Coolmath Games. Luckily, I have documented the entire process. I have made sure to upload all of my discoveries to the Coolmath Games Instagram. Read through as I tell you the process of uncovering the truth. 

Day 1:

I have discovered a mysterious manilla folder in my desk at the Coolmath Games office. I can’t quite make out what it is. It looks like some nonsense scribbles and a few miscellaneous documents. Probably nothing though, just thought it would be a good idea to journal it. Will ask coworkers about it tomorrow.

Everything else about today was pretty normal. No reason to SEARCH around the office otherwise, it’s just a little bit out of the ordinary.

Day 2:

I have consulted my coworkers about the document. Nobody seems to know much. I’ve been told to stop asking questions and forget about the folder. Go back to work, they say. I say that this needs to be uncovered. There’s some kind of MONSTER lurking in this office, I can feel it. 

I have messaged Antonia. They're claiming that it was from some sort of project that got scrapped, but refused to give any other details. We're talking about it tomorrow over lunch. Antonia is the only one I can trust . . . for now. More updates to come. 

Day 3:

Antonia's Hidden Emails

The morning went business as usual. A couple of meetings, nothing out of the ordinary. I noticed that one of my coworkers wasn’t here today. Nobody has heard from them. No email, no phone call, nothing.

Antonia has been acting strange as well. They didn't show up for lunch today. There’s a buzz going around that feels . . . different. I can’t help but wonder what is going on around here. I suspect that it is connected to the file. 

I can’t trust anyone right now, not even my closest allies. I went through Antonia's emails and found an exchange they had with a developer about a mysterious game. Foul play is afoot, I can smell it. The truth must be FOUND, but how? 

Check back in tomorrow, hopefully with more answers.

Day 4:

Evidence has continued to pile up. Everyone in the office knows that there is something wrong. Nobody has the guts to say it. There is a shadow looming over this place. I must journey through the unknown MYSELF. It is my destiny to figure out what this mission is.

I saw a Coolmath Games employee shredding a bin of papers the other day. I’m starting to think that this goes all the way to the top. At this point, everyone could be in on it. 

I began to dig through some files and found a message encrypted in one of the games. It just says “LET ME OUT”. Paranoia has started to sink in at a level that I did not know was possible.

Question everything. Trust no one.

Day 5:

Coolmath Games Hole

The weekend has come and gone. All I could think about was that forsaken manilla folder. All roads lead to foul play in my mind. 

I came into the office expecting to hear about everyone’s weekend. However, there was only one thing on everyone’s mind – the hole. The website has been changed. By who? Nobody claims to know. I suspect that whoever is responsible for this is linked to the folder.

I went onto Coolmath Games to try it for myself. An error popped up when I clicked on it – it just took me to a weird page with a bunch of 0's and 1's. No one can get rid of the hole on our site, it’s almost as if it is tattooed onto the page. I must find the culprit before they ESCAPE this place. Are they a friend or foe? 

Burn after reading.

Day 6:

Read Me ARG File

After much deliberating last night, I’ve concluded that this must be about a game. But why the secrecy? Why the lies? What makes this one so special? I must find out how to shed some light on this DARKNESS and decipher the truth from the lies. 

I’ve been anonymously given details about the instability of the game. Does this mean that it isn’t safe for users? And who sent me the file? Are they being watched? Am I being watched? Every time I am given an answer, it seems that more questions just arise.

Sleep with one eye open.

Day 7:

Mysterious note Coolmath Games

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that I’m onto something. Something big. Where others may decide to run away from the threat, I choose to face it head-on. Today, I received a note that I should stop trying to track down the mystery. I take this threat as confirmation that I am getting closer. The secret is there, waiting to be discovered.

They know that the most powerful weapon is truth. But you can’t run from it. Like air bubbles underwater, they will find a way to rise to the surface eventually. One way or another.

Tension is high among the game development team. I can tell that a cover-up is being attempted, I must work faster.

Watch your back.

Day 8:

The truth has been uncovered! There is a new and mysterious game out on Coolmath Games. Play it now, while you still can! They’re trying to take it down as we speak. Get on before the end of the month, or else it will be too late.

It’s located on the home page. Use the clues found on this blog, look for the words that stand out. This is the key to the whole thing!

Seek the truth and you shall find it.