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Best New Coolmath Games of 2023

Griffin Bateson / October 20, 2023
Best New Coolmath Games of 2023

2023 has been an awesome year for Coolmath Games, with a ton of new and interesting titles that have been published here. Whether you are on the hunt for a fun racing game or a captivating idle game, there has been a lot to choose from this year. In this blog, we will go over the best browser games of 2023 that have been published on our site.

Best Browser Games of 2023

We decided to choose the 7 games that really stood out to us the most this year. They have also stood out to a lot of you guys as well, considering that these are also some of the most popular amongst fans. Read on to learn which games were the best and why that was the case.

Slice Master

Slice Master has only been out for a couple of weeks and has already become a fan favorite. A big reason for that is the simplicity of this game. The premise of the game is that you simply have to click in order to make a knife go up and down as it approaches different targets. This one-button game is perfect for players who like simple yet captivating gameplay.

Learn more about this game by reading our blog on how to play Slice Master. It will help you gain a better understanding of how the skill game works.

Eggy Car

Best Browser Games of 2023 Eggy Car

Keep the egg protected in this unique racing game. Eggy Car has recently taken off here at Coolmath Games. This cartoon-styled game breaks the norm of most racing games. Instead of trying to go as fast as you can, it’s more about keeping control and using timing to keep your egg safe. Upgrade your vehicle and see how far you can go. No matter what you do, don't let the egg leave your car!

Mr. Mine

It wasn’t surprising to anyone that Mr. Mine turned out to be one of the best browser games of 2023. This mining and resource management game is packed to the brim with dynamic gameplay. Players must mine to the Earth’s core and use the materials they collect to upgrade their drill. Anyone who is a fan of idle games will fall head over heels for Mr. Mine.

This game is one of the more difficult titles on this list. To get some help, check out the blog on how to play Mr. Mine. It will help players who are just starting out by giving them some words of wisdom on how to progress efficiently. 

Vex 3

Best Browser Games of 2023 Vex Gameplay

This stickman game is part of the popular Vex series, a platformer game series where players must parkour their way from level to level. Although this is one of the earliest games from the series, it was just published by Coolmath Games this year. The intricate action and adventure make for a really fun and alluring experience.

Vex 7

Vex 7 is another game from the Vex series. It is a lot like Vex 3, but has a few additional features that make it feel different enough that it is worth playing, even if you have already played Vex 3. If you love fast-paced games with compelling gameplay, then check out the blog about Vex 7 tips and tricks. It will go into more detail about why this is a stand-out game.


For those of you who love the popular game Minecraft, then Grindcraft might pique your interest. This game is all about gathering resources and crafting the most complicated builds that you can. It starts with basic materials – wood, stone, and planks. From there you can build extremely complex crafts such as armor and a library. This is one of the most popular crafting games due to the complexity of it.

Cricket Cup Online

Best Browser Games of 2023 Cricket Cup Online

It took a while to get a cricket game on Coolmath Games, but we finally got Cricket Cup Online. In this game, you get to choose between 10 different countries to play as. From India, to Pakistan, to England, there are many different choices. This cricket game is all about batting. Players can choose whether they want 5 overs or 10 overs. Go against the best bowlers in the world and see how you fare.

So now that you have learned about some of the best browser games of 2023, make sure to go and check out at least a few of them. Whether it's sports games, idle games, or platformer games, there is a lot of variety to choose from. So get exploring now!