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Discover the Dev – Playsaurus

Griffin Bateson / June 21, 2023
Discover the Dev – Playsaurus

Some of the most popular titles here at Coolmath Games are idle games. Idle Breakout, Learn to Fly, and Idle Dice are just a few of the games that you probably recognize over the years.

In the past year at Coolmath Games, there have been a few new idle games that have taken off. Two of these popular titles, Mr. Mine and Grindcraft, have been made by one specific gaming studio, Playsaurus. 

Introduction to Playsaurus

Playsaurus is an independent game studio that is currently being run by Austin Oblok, the CEO, and Matthew Anderson, the Product Manager. Both of them have had a love of games since they were kids. Austin loved the games Super Smash Brothers and Starfox, both of which are fast-paced games with plenty of action. Matthew also shared this passion for Super Smash Brothers, as well as a few other classics such as Rock Band.

Playsaurus has made quite a few of the idle games that you might recognize from your time on Coolmath Games. If you have played Mr. Mine, Grindcraft, or Clicker Heroes, then you have Playsaurus to thank. However, making these idle games may not be as easy as you might think. Read on to learn about some of the challenges that come with making idle games.

Biggest Challenges of Idle Games

According to Austin and Matt, the most challenging part of creating idle games is finding a balance. Yes, idle games are meant to have some level of grinding and patience to them. However, there are ways to make the gameplay more interesting while still staying true to the idle gaming format. This can be done in an assortment ways. For example, in the game Mr. Mine, players can engage in tons of side content. There are resource trades, superminers, scientists, and even a reactor as you make your way deeper into the game. It isn't all about upgrading a drill for hours.

A lot of games also make use of minigames to break up the gameplay. A good example of this is Papa’s Cupcakeria, where players get to participate in a different mini-game that corresponds to the day of the week. While the heart of the game is all about serving up tasty cupcakes, players can still grab a putter and play some mini golf, or get a bat and step up to the plate in a home run derby. While the Papa's Games aren't necessarily considered idle games, they have the same understanding that players need some way to break up the long gameplay that can feel monotonous at times. 

According to Austin and Matt, one of the most important ways to improve upon their idle games is by listening to the feedback that their fans provide. It helps them gain an understanding of how to set the pace of their games and find the balance that is crucial to have when creating a successful idle game. 

Working on New Games

If you liked Mr. Mine, Grindcraft, or Clicker Heroes, then we have some good news for you. Austin and Matt are still working on new games that they are planning on releasing sometime in the near future (hopefully on Coolmath Games)! One of these upcoming projects is an idle game that will incorporate some racing game mechanics into it. While they say that it isn’t as big of a project as Mr. Mine, it is definitely still something to look out for.

Grindcraft 2 is also a project that is in the works. If you were a fan of the new crafting game, then keep your eyes open for a sequel coming out eventually. Until then, there is likely still plenty of work for you to do in the first Grindcraft content considering that there are hundreds of items to try and craft. If you want some tips for completing the rest of Grindcraft, check out our blog at Coolmath Games on how to play Grindcraft. It is full of strategies to help beginners in their quest to get every single item in the game.

Where to Stay Up To Date

To learn more about Playsaurus and what they are up to next, check out their website to hear about updates. Their website includes most of the gaming information we discussed here, including info about the sequel to Grindcraft. 

We also have the full interview with Austin and Matthew on the Coolmath Games YouTube page. It is filled with more details about their experience in the gaming industry, as well as how their time has been since working at Playsaurus.