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How to Play Grindcraft – A Beginner’s Guide

Griffin Bateson / January 10, 2023
How to Play Grindcraft – A Beginner’s Guide

Get your resource collecting on with our new crafting game, Grindcraft. In this game, players must collect resources and use them to build up their city.

How to play Grindcraft

Grindcraft starts about as simple as possible – by collecting wood. Players can use this wood to build tools like shovels and pickaxes. You can then use these tools to get new resources like stone and dirt.

The more resources you gather, the more new things you can build. This is really the key to learning how to play Grindcraft – players need to keep on building and progressing. For example, players can find iron underground. Iron can be turned into a bucket. Buckets can be filled with water. Water can be used to create a plot, and a plot can be used to grow wheat. Even the simplest of materials can turn into something totally different.

Grindcraft Strategies

Grindcraft can be a relatively complicated crafting game if you don’t really know what you are doing. Not to worry though, we have a few strategies to guide you through the beginning of the game. Follow these tips and the start of the game will be no problem!

Collect lots of wood

Almost everything that you need in Grindcraft involves wood, so make sure to collect wood whenever you can. This means investing in a good axe to chop down lots of trees, even if you don’t need wood right at that moment. There are tons of things that you will craft which require wooden planks and sticks, both of which come from wood blocks. 

Upgrade all the way up to diamond

How to Play grindcraft Crafting Gameplay

Players have different levels of tools that they can use. The worst material that they can use is wood. For example, wooden pickaxes will only be able to mine less valuable materials from underneath the ground, along with doing it at a pretty slow pace.

The better materials that you use for your tools, the faster the process will go. For example, upgrading a pickaxe from wood to stone will allow you to mine faster, as well as give you the option to mine gold ore.

A big part of playing our crafting game is getting the best possible material that you can – diamond! Diamond ore can only be mined with a diamond or iron pickaxe. Diamond can mine pretty much any material, and will be the most efficient tool that you can get. Build diamond tools as quickly as you can to become a Grindcraft all-star!

Use the villagers

Players are able to hire villagers to do the work for them. There are villagers that can do all sorts of things, but the important thing at the beginning is to get the Woodsman and the Miner villager. These two will get the most important resources for you, wood and ores, respectively. When you hire a villager, you won’t have to waste time manually mining. Instead, you can put your time into more important things, like building up your village and figuring out which upgrades to make.

While crafting a villager takes quite a few resources, it is well worth it. You won’t believe how much of a time-saver it can be.

Diversify your resources

There are over 200 different items you can craft in Grindcraft. This means that there will be a lot of different materials that you must obtain in the game. Make sure to get all of the different tools in the game that way you can access these raw materials. This includes a shovel, a pickaxe, an axe, and a few other important items.

Once you have some wood at the beginning of the game and want to actually make some items for your village, make sure to get a crafting table. All you need for a crafting table is a block of wood that has been turned into wooden planks. This crafting table will allow you to make tons of necessary items, like tools and building materials.

Games like Grindcraft

While there aren’t any other crafting games in a similar style to Grindcraft on our site, there are definitely a few games that involve slowly but surely making progress in order to win. If you end up completing Grindcraft and want a couple of recommendations, make sure to check out these other titles.

Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing How to Play Grindcraft Crafting Game

Much like Grindcraft, Tiny Fishing is a game where players have a lot of decisions to make. In Tiny FIshing, players must use their fishing rod to catch fish in exchange for money. Players can then use this money to upgrade their fishing equipment.

There are a few different decisions that you have to make when upgrading. Do you want to be able to fish deeper, catch more fish on your line, or earn more money when you are offline? Figuring out how many resources to put into each of these is the name of the game.

Though this task may seem daunting, don’t worry! We have a Coolmath Games blog dedicated to learning how to play Tiny Fishing. It is full of strategies to help beginners become the most successful Tiny Fishing players that they can be.

Super Ordinary Joe

Super Ordinary Joe How to Play Grindcraft Crafting Game

In Super Ordinary Joe, players are placed in a platformer game. They are just a regular, ordinary person. They jump low, they run slow, and they get tired easily. It is up to you to collect coins to upgrade your character and make it to the cake of success placed at the end of the map. Heads up though, it will take a lot of training and upgrading to make it to the end.

So get out there and start playing Grindcraft now! Go all the way from harvesting a simple block of wood to creating a fully developed village.