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Christmas Games to Get In the Holiday Spirit

Griffin Bateson / December 21, 2021
Christmas Games to Get In the Holiday Spirit

It’s Christmas time here at Coolmath Games, and that means it’s time to get in the festive spirit with some fun Christmas games. 

From Super Santa Kicker to a Christmas spinoff of Moto X3M, we’ve got all kinds of variety here at Coolmath Games. Users can find really any kind of Christmas game on the site, from extreme sports games, to puzzle games, to skill games. 

Some of these games will provide more difficulty than others, but we feel confident that you’ll have a good time playing these games, whether they’re easy or hard. With that being said, let’s start getting into the list of some of our favorite Christmas games.

These games will be sure to bring you some holiday joy, and all of them are super easy to learn and enjoy. 

Super Santa Kicker

super santa kicker fun christmas games

Super Santa Kicker is one of our favorite games here at Coolmath. In this game, players will have to work their way through puzzles in an attempt to kick Santa into the chimney at the end of the map. While it may sound easy, Super Santa Kicker has quite a high degree of difficulty. Despite the beginning being a breeze, making it through 36 levels of puzzles is no small feat. Players will need to have creativity and planning to beat this game.

Once you get through Super Santa Kicker, go and check out our second game in the series, Super Santa Kicker 2! Have some fun going through the levels and become a master of the Super Santa Kicker saga.

Moto X3M Winter

moto x3m winter fun christmas games

One of our most popular games takes on a new look as one of the most high-action and fun Christmas games on Coolmath Games, Moto X3M Winter. Take on obstacles such as spikes, snowmen, and TNT in this enthralling festive game. With 25 levels, completing the game and getting 3 stars on every single level is a great challenge, and players will enjoy the new levels and Christmas layout.

This game is made for those with quick reactions and a love of fast-paced games. If this sounds like you, definitely check this game out, as well as the regular Moto X3M when you beat this one.

Space is Key Christmas

space is key fun christmas games

Space is Key Christmas is probably the hardest game on this list. While it is still one of the most fun Christmas games, we recommend this one for players who want a real challenge. For reference, it’s probably almost as difficult to beat as our other game on Coolmath, World’s Hardest Game

In Space is Key, players have to avoid obstacles that approach them by either ducking under them or jumping over them. While this is a very simple concept, the difficulty is quite high. Space is Key is made up of 15 levels, each harder than the last. You will have to avoid all kinds of obstacles, many of which are rapidly moving which makes it very hard to keep up with. 

Christmas Friends

christmas friends fun christmas games

The basic instructions for Christmas Friends is to move elves around the map using your mouse. Each elf needs to link up with another elf or reindeer. The objective of the game is to have every elf and reindeer holding hands and antlers together. 

Christmas Friends is a great and relaxed game to play to pass the time. It can actually get quite complex, as there are a lot of pieces to move around and keep track of. If you are interested in puzzle games, then Christmas friends will be one of the most fun Christmas games for you. Christmas Friends is almost like sudoku, where it is important to keep track of everything that is going on around you.

Santa Run 2

santa run 2 fun christmas games

In Santa Run 2, you’ll have to parkour your way through the map to reach the toy factory in the North Pole. Players will only have 60 seconds to get through the level, so it’s important to make your time count in this one. There are many obstacles in the way, such as angry reindeer, tricky blocks, and spikes that will reset you if touched. 

Santa Run 2 is a good game for those who like nonstop action. In this game, you are always running, jumping, or dodging something coming at you. So go check it out and have some fun!

If you are unsure what to do around the holiday times, seriously consider checking out these fun Christmas games. Not only will it help you get in the Christmas spirit, but you will also have a great time playing these challenging yet festive games.