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5 Mini Games You Can Play in Under 5 Minutes

Griffin Bateson / December 14, 2021
5 Mini Games You Can Play in Under 5 Minutes

Have you ever been in this scenario? There are only a few minutes left in class and you need to get out the door soon. There’s no time to jump into a game that’s going to take you a while, like Run 3 or Chess. You need to find a game that’s both super fun and super fast. Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer! We’ve compiled a list of 5 quick online games that you can play in under 5 minutes, while also having tons of fun. But first, let’s talk about the benefits of playing short mini games.

Playing mini games that don’t take much time can actually be a great way to take breaks. When overwhelmed with tasks such as homework, taking a short break to decompress can be a great idea! We’re not robots, everyone needs a little bit of rest and relaxation time in between their work.

Along with this, research has shown that playing video games in moderation can help with faster and more consistent reactions when playing for only 1 hour a week. This means that a couple of games of Archery World Tour or Four In A Row may actually help the development of your brain!

While some of these games may be difficult to complete in 5 minutes, it is easy to save your progress for the next 5-minute break you want in the future, so long as you come back to the site on the same device. With that being said, let’s hop into our first mini game, archery!

1. Archery World Tour


Archery World Tour Mini Game

In Archery World Tour, your mouse is your bow. Hold it down to take aim, and release it to fire an arrow towards the target. Your crosshairs will slowly follow your cursor as you move your mouse. As the levels progress, the wind speed and the targets will get more difficult. Stay focused and have fun going through a few levels!

2. Snappy Maps: USA

Snappy Maps Mini Game

Interested in testing your geography skills? Snappy Maps: USA can help you learn where all 50 states in the United States are, and you can play in under 5 minutes! Simply click and hold your mouse on a puzzle piece of a state to pick it up, and drop it down on the correct spot on the map. If you aren’t interested in American geography, there are also Snappy Maps for Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, Mexico, Canada, and Australia

3. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Mini Game

8 Ball Pool is another great example of quick online games that can be tons of fun. Whether you are playing against a computer or someone on multiplayer, you’re sure to have a great time. 

8 Ball Pool is super easy to play too! If you’re not sure how we'll walk you through it. Move your mouse to aim your pool cue, and click and drag to set the strength of the pool cue. Release your mouse to take the shot.

One player is assigned the solid balls, while the other is assigned the stripes. Whoever hits in the first ball is assigned that type.

For more detailed instructions, click on the link for 8 Ball Pool and check it out, you won’t regret it!

4. Bloxorz

Bloxorz Mini Game

Bloxorz has been one of the most beloved games on the Coolmath site for years, and with good reason. This strategy-based game will get your brain thinking while also being tons of fun! 

The goal of the game is to maneuver the brick around the map until it falls into the square hole that is at the end of each map. While there are 33 stages available to the player, you don’t have to play them all at one time, and each map has a code you can write down before you leave! Simply write down the code and save it somewhere for the next time you play. 

For more detailed instructions, click the Bloxorz link above and give it a shot once you are done reading!

5. Four In A Row

Connect 4 Mini Game

Four In A Row is a great game to play against the computer, against friends, or play it online with our new multiplayer feature. The goal is to connect 4 pieces in any direction, whether it’s horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. This is done by dropping chips into the grid, but be sure to connect 4 pieces in a row before your opponent does it first!

So whenever you don’t have much time but want to game, be sure to check out one of these fun yet fast games!