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Bad Soccer Manager – A Complete Guide

Griffin Bateson / December 5, 2022
Bad Soccer Manager – A Complete Guide

With the World Cup going on right now, soccer is at the forefront of the sports world. This means that there is pretty much no better time to play our 2D soccer game, Bad Soccer Manager.

This is a fast-paced soccer game that forces players to both use strategy and skill in order to rise among the ranks of their division. While the game can sometimes be frustrating, success in this soccer game is incredibly gratifying. Read on to learn how to play Bad Soccer Manager, as well as some tips and tricks to help you manage your way through.

How to Play Bad Soccer Manager

In Bad Soccer Manager, players must coach up their team to the very top of their division. This is done by going head-to-head against different teams. There are two different parts of gameplay – the offense and the defense.

To play offense, players must choose the angle and the power at which they want to shoot the ball. Make sure to take in all factors though – Is there a defender approaching? Is anyone in goal? How much time do you have to take a shot before a defender catches up to you? All of these factors make playing offense a surprisingly difficult part of the game that can take players quite a bit of time to get used to.

Defense is no small feat either. Players can block the ball in a couple of different ways when playing goalkeeper. For one, they can time their jump, so when a player takes a shot, it will be blocked in mid-air. Another option is to charge the offense and take the ball from them before they are even able to take their shot. Both of these strategies are viable, and it will just take some gameplay experience to understand which strategies you need to use and when.

All of this may seem like a lot to do in order to succeed. Don’t worry though, we have some tips to help you win in our 2D soccer game.

Bad Soccer Manager Strategies

It can be difficult to go from a Bad Soccer Manager to a good soccer manager. Let’s check out a few strategies to improve your club and hopefully get you some more wins.

Be confident with your decisions

Bad Soccer Manager is largely a game of confidence. If you make a decision while playing, stick with it. For example, when you are playing goalkeeper, don’t try to steal the opponent’s ball, and then halfway through decide to head back to the goal in order to jump up and block the shot. Just be confident and make a decision, your results will almost for sure be better.

Boost your morale

2D Soccer Game Bad Soccer Manager Gameplay

As a club manager, you have the option to do activities to help your team’s morale. Whether it is training together, playing golf together, or doing a crossbar challenge together, there are tons of ways to improve your team by doing fun and interesting games.

Don’t be scared to make changes

Sometimes you will have the opportunity to hire a new player for your club. Don’t be afraid to make changes in Bad Soccer Manager. If your club is not doing very well, it may be necessary to make some personnel changes. Just keep an open mind when trying to manage your team.

Take your time

Sometimes when players are trying to score, they rush their shot and end up trading in their accuracy for speed. While sometimes it is necessary to shoot fast before defenders come, there will be other times when you will have the opportunity to take your time and make sure that you get a high-quality look.

Soccer Games Similar To Bad Soccer Manager

Bad Soccer Manager isn’t the only soccer game here at Coolmath Games. We have a few other games that will get your heart pumping with some fun and fast-paced soccer gameplay.

Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online 2D Soccer Games

For those of you who are looking to practice both your math skills and your sports skills, Penalty Kick Online is a great game. Go head-to-head against different countries in a penalty-kick shootout. Solve math problems to earn some extra shots and get an edge on your opponent.

To learn more about our game, check out the Coolmath Games blog all about how to play Penalty Kick Online.

Ultimo Soccer

Ultimo Soccer 2D Soccer Games

This retro game will require your full focus in order to succeed. Ultimo Soccer is a game where players must go through an obstacle course full of cones and out-of-bounds areas. Use your soccer dribbling skills to successfully navigate your way through the course.

So get out there and give Bad Soccer Manager a try! Whether you are a long-time soccer fanatic or just a casual gaming fan, Bad Soccer Manager is fun for pretty much everyone.