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How to Play Basket and Ball: Everything to Know

CMG Staff / April 6, 2021
How to Play Basket and Ball: Everything to Know

Basket and Ball is filled with many challenges and an endless amount of fun! It's a much different video game than normal sports games, puzzle games, or word searches.

Once you learn how to play, you'll have a new and unique game to keep you occupied during your downtime. Players will enjoy dribbling and shooting the ball down the court and into the basket, but how do you master playing Basket and Ball?

Continue reading the guide below to learn everything you need to know about this cool game!

What Is Basket and Ball?

Basket and Ball is much more than winning by scoring the most baskets. The object of this game is to dribble the basketball down the court in order to reunite him with the basket. Use the arrow keys and spacebar to move the ball character around the court. You’ll have to navigate obstacles in the later levels. 

Stars will appear around each level for you to collect. Stars are normally placed in hard-to-reach sections, but if use your bounce power, you'll be able to reach them. Watch out for spikes as you roll around the court! These will pop the ball instantly and then you’ll be back to square one. Complete the level within the time frame in order to win!

how to play basket and ball three staers

Some levels will be a ‘shoot-out challenge.’ These levels will have you aim with your mouse to launch the ball into the basket. Collect all three stars and make the basket on the first try to win these levels immediately. You’ll have 3 shots to take, so aim carefully!

Read on for some helpful tips for avoiding the spikes and getting those three stars on each level.  

Tips and Tricks

Like with any other game, there are a few tips and tricks to help you increase your playing skills. When you know all the best tricks, you can become a "Basket and Ball" all-star!

Hit the Spacebar Multiple Times

Can't jump over something? Are you stuck in one spot? Don't worry! 

Hit the spacebar multiple times to activate the power mode. This allows you to jump higher.

basket and ball super jump

Use the Obstacles 

You’ll find some levels have extra items placed on the court like trampolines or boxes. You can use these items to help you gain air on your bounce in addition to using the power-up. 

Dribble to Victory!

Are you ready to take what you've learned about how to play Basket and Ball and begin playing the game? With these helpful tips and tricks in mind, you'll find yourself at the top of the scoreboard in no time!