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How to Play Tower Tops & Save the Village

Maddy Marcus / April 5, 2021
How to Play Tower Tops & Save the Village

Tower Tops is an indie strategy puzzle by Tail Clap Games. Your objective in the game is to get the top of the tower and ring the bell to warn your village of potential attackers. The game may seem as simple as grabbing some keys and climbing a few ladders, but there’s a catch! 

As you navigate each floor of the tower, you’ll find that there’s only one path through the level. You won’t be able to retrace your steps as you wander through the halls of the tower. You’ll have to choose your path very carefully. 

how to play tower tops

When it comes to learning how to play Tower Tops, that’s about all you need to know! Read on to learn more about the game and some tricks to help you win!

Getting Started

Playing Tower Tops will test your critical thinking and path planning ability. As we mentioned before, you won’t be able to retrace your steps. When you move, the squares behind your character will turn black. If you try to go back over them, you’ll have to start the level from the beginning. Certain squares will have a dotted pattern, meaning you can walk over those spaces as many times as you need.

You’ll notice that before you move on to the next floor of the tower, you’ll have to collect all the keys spread about the board. Keeping your movements in mind, navigate the obstacles and grab all the keys for the exit to appear. 

You may also encounter enemies on some floors of the tower. Enemies will spawn based on the number of steps you take - another reason why thinking before you move is so important! You’ll see spaces on the map with a number placed on top. That number counts down a certain amount of moves you can make before an enemy spawns in place. 

tower tops enemy spaw

Make it to the space before the countdown reaches 0 in order to pass through. If you land on the space and still have one move left, the enemy will spawn and attack you after your next move. Be creative with your movements in order to beat the countdowns and maneuver around the enemies. 

The higher levels will have blocks that will teleport you to a different space. These teleporters can be useful if you’re ever boxed into an area. On floors with more than one teleporter, you’ll have to first figure out which pair goes together before traveling between spaces. 

tower tops teleport

When you get to the last floor, ring the bell to win the game!

Tower Tops Strategies

Let’s go over some strategies to help you navigate the tower and find the perfect path. 

Counting Tiles

Before taking your first steps, analyze the board quickly. Locate all the keys, enemy spaces and obstacles before planning your path. However, you won’t know where the exit is until you’ve collected all the keys. The ladder to the next level appears only after you’re done. You might have to do a trial run first in order to see where the ladder appears, in case you get stuck. 

Keep It Clear 

Since you won’t know where the exit is going to spawn, you’ll want to keep enough spaces open so you can get back to the exit. If you’ve traveled to the top right corner of the map and the exit spawns in the bottom left, you’ll need to be sure you can make it back there without boxing yourself in!

tower tops clear path

Faster Enemies First 

Enemies will have a spawn time based on the amount of movements you make. When planning your path through the level, try to take on the spaces with the smallest number first. If one space shows a 10-move countdown and another shows a 20-move countdown, you’ll want to make sure you cross over the 10-move space first, since this enemy will spawn before the other.

Climb On Up

So you’ve learned how to play Tower Tops, now it’s time to test your knowledge! Head over to the game page to put the strategies you learned here into action.