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How to Play Black and White: Color Coded Fun!

Jaren Fitzsimmons / April 29, 2021
How to Play Black and White: Color Coded Fun!

Black and White is a game that will surely test you coordination and concentration! The goal of the game is to get the characters to the door by having them work together to cross over the platforms. Read on to learn how to play Black and White before diving in. 


The white character can only stand on the white platforms and the black character can only stand on the black platforms. If you try to land on a different color platform, you’ll fall right through! Some levels have spikes and other dangers. The same concept applies here: the characters are only affected by hazards of the corresponding color.

how to play black and white

You may find that some platforms are a bit out of reach for their matching character. You can use the little guys to help each other out. One character can jump on the head of the other without falling. This is a feature that you will need to use if you want to get through all the levels -- teamwork is key!

Now that you have the general idea on how the game is played, let's go over some tips and tricks that you can use to help you pass all the levels. 


You will use both the arrow keys and WASD keys to play this game. Normally, in platform games like this, you only have to focus on using one or the other. But not in Black and White! 

If you want to pass all the levels you have to get used to using both sets of buttons, sometimes you even have to use them at the same time. It might take some time before you are completely confident with using both your hands to play the game, but the quicker you can the better. 


One of your biggest advantages in Black and White is having two different characters to work with. In order to pass some levels, you will need both characters to work together. Like we mentioned before, you can jump on the heads of the characters without falling. 

black and white teamwork

This is very useful when there is a large obstacle that one of the characters can’t get passed. 

Let's say there is a big white line that the black character can't jump far enough to make it over. You would want to position the white character at the end of the platform then jump on the white character's head and move both characters over the line at the same time. 


If you hit up on the controls twice you can perform a double jump. Double jumps are a great way to clear areas that you would not be able to clear with a single jump. You can also time your double jump to maximize the distance you can go. Learning how to master the double jump will go a long way as you try to beat all the levels. 


Learning how to play Black and White is easy, and now that you know the basics,  you are ready to try the game for yourself! Head on over to the game page and start your journey to beating all the levels!

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