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Learn How to Play Stop!

CMG Staff / April 28, 2021
Learn How to Play Stop!

Time bending, physics-defying: these are just a few ways to try to describe the mechanics behind the addictive game, Stop!

The game's minimalistic design may mislead many on just how intricate this game really is. Stop nails down the basics of a typical platformer game with an interesting time-stopping mechanic to help you complete certain goals. 

So, keep reading to find out how to play Stop!

What is Stop?

Stop is a game of skill developed by Daichi. Your goal, each level, is to traverse a series of moving obstacles by using WASD to reach the circle. Some levels will have dangerous obstacles like spikes to navigate.

Your ability to "stop" time (hence, the name) will be key to success. You have to strategically freeze these obstacles to become your stepping stones to your goal.

how to play stop

There is a variety of combinations to achieve this with each level: your objective is to find the most efficient answer!

How to Play Stop

Stop uses the traditional keyboard controls for online games. Deceitfully simplistic, these controls are the foundation to finding a variety of solutions to each level.

The controls are as follows:

WASD or arrows to move

SPACE BAR to jump

K to stop time

J to shoot arrows

R to reset the level

Playing Stop successfully involves the creative use of all of these controls. This may be easier said than done!

Tips and Tricks

Patience is a virtue! Players need to learn the rhythm of each level. Don’t expect to reach the goal the first time, especially in the later levels. Finding different ways to solve each level involves much experimentation. Lots of times, platforming games are trial and error!

how to play stop have patience

Picture yourself as a time-traveler! Your goal is to use your control to replay time until you achieve your desired result. With the power to control Time at the tip of your fingers, there is technically no such thing as failure.

Playing with the many possibilities of beating a level will strengthen your overall skill of the game. A failed strategy on one level could be a successful one on another.

Where to Play

There is only one home for Stop, This website is a rich treasure-trove of educational games from math to letter and word games and much more. 

Stop is one of many online games with an educational foundation. Developed to strengthen problem-solving abilities, this game is no time-wasting pursuit. 

People of all ages can benefit from the mental exercises that are contained in the levels of this game. There is no greater reward than solving a level after spending a significant amount of time mulling over strategies! 

So now that you know the basics of how to play Stop, there is nothing more left but to try it out !