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How to Play

Griffin Bateson / July 1, 2024
How to Play

For years, Coolmath Games has been lacking one specific genre - a completely open-world sandbox game. Something where you can really let your creativity shine in a place with almost no real creative boundaries. In June of 2024, we released, a game that satisfies all of those needs.

How to Play

In, you are spawned into an open-ended world made up entirely of cubes. These cubes can be mined, placed, or turned into entirely new items. The limits go as far as your imagination. You can build houses, castles, or even giant mansions to roam around in.

The controls of can be overwhelming for new players. However, after you play for a few minutes, it will feel more natural. You can move your character with the arrow keys. To crouch down, press Z or C. To parkour around the map, you can press SPACE to jump and hold down SHIFT to sprint.

For a little perspective shift, you can tap P to change the camera view from First Person to Third Person and vice versa. Strategies

While there are many different games in, some general strategies will apply to most of these competitive mini-games. Read on to hear some of the most practical strategies to help you become a master of this block-placing game.

Try out everything

There are a lot of different mini-games in, each with its own unique attributes. Don’t go into assuming that you will only like one or two games. We recommend that you try out each and every single game for at least 10 minutes. You never know what you will end up enjoying. Maybe you will turn out to be a Hide and Seek Houdini, or a creative mode connoisseur. 

Use the shift key (sparingly)

How to Play Blog Gameplay

One of the most common controls that you will use in is the Shift key. This button allows you to spring around the map at breakneck speeds. This is important to use, especially in games such as Hide and Seek and Bloxd Hop. 

While it is important that you utilize this control, you must also understand when to stop sprinting. The second you stop using the shift key, you will immediately fall right down. This means that when you are going over platforms, let go a little bit later than you might think. 

Use the crouch button

The crouch button may seem like an extremely niche control that may not be of much use. However, the crouch button is actually an invaluable tool.

The most important use that it has is that crouching can ensure you won’t fall off of the block that you are on. For example, if you are playing One Block, you will need to build horizontally in the sky. By crouching, you can make sure that you won’t fall off of the map into oblivion. Instead, you'll be glued onto the ledge.

Change Perspectives

You will automatically look through the first-person lens when you hop into This is useful for things like combat and resource mining. 

However, there may be times when going into a third-person perspective is actually better. For example, if you are running away from an enemy, having a third-person perspective might show you how close your opponent is to you without having to turn around. To change your perspective, simply hit the P button.

A third-person perspective can also show you how good your hiding spot is in Hide and Seek. You might realize that your hiding spot looks more out of place than you originally thought once you go into a different perspective.

So now that you have learned a little bit more about how to play, get out there and try playing for yourself! This fun sandbox game offers a truly unique experience that you can’t find with many online games.