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How to Play Bulldozer: The Complete Guide

CMG Staff / April 27, 2021
How to Play Bulldozer: The Complete Guide

Bulldozer, developed by Nannings Games, is an addictive game providing endless barrel-knocking mayhem. This guide will give you all you need to know about how to play Bulldozer on Coolmath Games.

What is Bulldozer

Bulldozer is an isometric arcade-style game with a simple objective: push all of the barrels off the platform. However, if your Bulldozer falls off the platform, you lose.

As you progress through the game, the obstacles increase in difficulty. This includes spikes that appear within the platform and moving ramps. The moving platforms can help with the barrel clearing on some levels, but you’ll have to use their power wisely or you’ll be pushed off too!

The platforms begin to transform into a shifting labyrinth as well. Platforms may become narrow or more winding. They can also move in a 3D space, either lifting or turning at will.

The goal is to clear the barrels in the least amount of time. You must do this without falling off of the platform, so don’t move too quickly! In total, there are twenty-seven different levels to clear. You can complete all the courses in under an hour. 

how to play bulldozer

Get Familiar With Controls

The Bulldozer interface includes a timer, a barrel count, and a total number of barrels. As you push the barrels off, the number of barrels decreases. Steer your Bulldozer around the map, but be careful not to fall off the edges!

The isometric view is reminiscent of older PC games from the early 1990s and 2000s. The main barrel count is shown at the top of the screen. As each barrel falls, this number will count down. Once it reaches zero, the objective will clear. There is a timer in the upper left-hand corner. Clearing the barrels as quickly as possible is key to getting your best score. 

Control Your Speed

In Bulldozer, you can control the speed of the Bulldozer. Getting comfortable with the speed and reaction time will be key when learning how to play Bulldozer. These additional elements add a platforming element to each level.

control your speed bulldozer

There will be times when you need to clear certain platforms. The Bulldozer will need to jump from one platform to the next, without falling. This will require you to speed up and gain enough air to reach the second platform.

Where To Play

Now that you know how to play Bulldozer, you can play it for free right here on Coolmath Games! If you enjoyed this game, you’ll probably enjoy our other skill games like Air Nomad or Handulum