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How to Play Cut the Rope 2: Swing and Cut to Victory

Griffin Bateson / May 10, 2023
How to Play Cut the Rope 2: Swing and Cut to Victory

Welcome to the guide on Cut the Rope 2, the intense and puzzling sequel to the classic rope-cutting game. This game has all the elements that you would expect – head-scratching problems, bonus stars to chase, and tons of candy for Om Nom to eat. However, there are some key differences and bonus elements in this sequel to Cut the Rope. Speaking of Cut the Rope, check out our guide on how to play Cut the Rope 1 if you still haven't beaten that game and want some tips.

With that being said, let's hop into how to play Cut the Rope 2. These tips and tricks will help you beat the sequel to the famous puzzle game

How to play Cut the Rope 2

There are many challenges that players will face in Cut the Rope 2. However, learning the controls and game mechanics is not one of them. The only control that you need to know is that clicking and dragging your mouse over a rope will cut it. This is nice because players can hop in and start comfortably playing immediately, it won’t take any time at all to learn the controls.

Cut the Rope 2 Maps

One of the biggest differences in Cut the Rope 2 compared to its predecessor is the new maps. These maps all have fun and interesting variables that will make you have to really use your brain in order to succeed. Read on to learn a few small details about these new maps.


This is the very first map in Cut the Rope 2. It is the easiest map to play but still has some interesting aspects. Take this time to learn the physics of Cut the Rope 2 and gain an understanding of general strategy before the difficulty starts to increase.

Sandy Dam

The levels begin to get slightly harder as players make their way toward the Sandy Dam. This barren landscape includes sandbags and fans as ways to control the candy and get it to Om Nom.


Junkyard poses a few more challenges than the Forest and the Sandy Dam, with random scraps and junk lying all over the place. New mechanics show up, such as gears and pulleys that can help transport the candy to Om Nom.

City Park

The next map transports players to the streets of a City Park. Common objects that you see in the street are frequently utilized in Cut the Rope 2. This includes buttons and gears to maneuver around the map and capture the candy.


The underground levels are a little bit spooky and mysterious. There are fun variables that players can utilize like sliding platforms and spiders. The underground is when the game starts to get really tough, so you will need to keep focused.

Fruit Market

The final location of Cut the Rope 2 is the Fruit Market, the hardest map to get through. There aren't a ton of new game mechanics in the Fruit Market, but all of the puzzles take some serious mental effort in order to get 3 stars. 

Cut the Rope 2 Strategies

Now that you know how to play Cut the Rope 2 and all of the different landscapes that you will come across, let’s go over some strategies. This game won’t be easy, so having a few basic strategies in your tool belt is a real asset.

Think before you move

One of the really nice aspects of Cut the Rope 2 is that there isn’t a timer looming over your head. Instead, you can focus on your strategy before you cut any of the ropes. Think about which rope you will cut first and how it will affect Om Nom, along with the rest of the environment. Think about which rope you are going to have to finish on and what actions you will have to take to get there.

Go for all 3 stars

How to Play Cut the Rope 2 Blog Gameplay

While it isn’t necessary to get 3 stars on every single level, it is highly recommended. It is fun to beat a game on the hardest difficulty that you can. More importantly though, players will unlock bonus levels by grabbing more stars. This means more Cut the Rope 2 fun! Players can’t beat all of Cut the Rope 2 without getting 3 stars on every single level.

Try different approaches

Sometimes you will try a strategy and it just flat out won’t work. You may even be able to get really close, but you just can’t get Om nom that candy. Instead of just trying over and over again, consider trying a new strategy. Those who are willing to be flexible and adapt to situations will end up succeeding in Cut the Rope 2 much more than fickle players.

So now that you know how to play Cut the Rope 2 and learned about the environment, get out there and give this strategy game a try! There are plenty of puzzles for you to try out.