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King of Thieves – A Beginner's Guide

Griffin Bateson / May 17, 2023
King of Thieves – A Beginner's Guide

If you are looking for a fun and sneaky skill game to try out, then the new game King of Thieves is perfect. This game combines two of our favorite categories – platformer games and ninja games. No, players aren’t wearing an all-black outfit and throwing ninja stars across the map at their enemies. However, the main theme of the game is still sneaking around and making it to the exit without getting caught by the guards.

How to play King of Thieves

The controls for King of Thieves could not be any easier to learn. All players have to do is use their mouse to click on the screen. This will make players jump into the air. You will automatically move forward so there is no need to use the arrow keys. If players need to change directions, they can jump off of a wall and their character will start moving the opposite way.

The goal of King of Thieves is to sneak past all of the enemies and make it to the chest. Every time a player fails, their health bar will drop a little bit. The fewer tries it takes to get past a level, the more stars they will receive. The more stars earned, the higher the reward that will be given.

King of Thieves Strategies

This platformer game takes some serious skill in order to make it through. Luckily, if players have a strong strategy and a little bit of experience, learning how to play King of Thieves and completing the entire game is definitely possible. Read on to learn some strategies that will help you run through the entire game.

Use the wall if you need more time

Oftentimes, it will take timing and patience to make it through the level. Enemies are around every corner, so you must plan out how to avoid them. One of the most common ways to do this is to stay on the wall for a while to slow yourself down. On the other hand, if you need to get to an area fast, try your best to avoid the wall completely and let gravity do its job.

Plan out your route

How to Play King of Thieves Blog Gameplay

One of the most important steps for players to realize when learning how to play King of Thieves is just how much time they have at the beginning. Players will almost always start in a safe area, so they have plenty of time to plan out their route. Take a few seconds to think about the path that you will take to the exit. Look for the potential dangers in your way, such as enemies roaming around and cannons launching fireballs at you. While this seems like an obvious strategy, many players just rush in with zero planning.

Get the green bonuses if convenient

Scattered throughout the map will be tiny green squares that players can collect. Sometimes they will be on your route, sometimes they won't be. If you collect these green squares, they will give your health bar a boost. This means that if you only have enough health to get 2 stars on a level, you could potentially pick up a couple of green squares and get that third star.

Switch it up

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when learning how to play King of Thieves is to stick to one strategy no matter what. If you have repeatedly failed a level using the same strategy four or five times, then it is time to switch it up. Stubbornness is your enemy in this game, so show some flexibility when attacking each level.

Now that you know how to play King of Thieves, check it out for yourself! If you get through the entire game and want something new, try out Cut the Rope afterward. It was made by the same developer so it has a similar art style and game mechanics.