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How To Play Lifespan Candle: Beat The Heat

CMG Staff / April 13, 2021

Lifespan Candle is a charming platform game developed by Havana 24. This game will keep you captivated for hours with its adorable candle character and tricky puzzles!

Let's take a look at how to play Lifespan Candle and some tips for playing the game.

What is Lifespan Candle?

Lifespan Candle is a cute platforming game where you have to think quickly and logically to solve puzzles.

You play as a candle whose lifespan is the key to escaping the level. Use your head, literally, to set the level aflame and find a way to your goal. But you need to be quick, as your flame will start to burn out.

Once you light the flame on top of your head, the little candle will start to melt. So you need to find a way to escape the level and get to the goal marker quickly. If you take too long, you will melt into a lump of wax, and the game is over. Some levels will have little whit orbs floating around, collect those to regain some lost wax!

how to play lifespan candle

Use the keyboard to move your candle character about. You can use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move left and right and up. Pressing Up and Left/Right at the same time will enable you to make quick diagonal jumps.

Time doesn't start running out until you light the flame on top of your head. So take a few moments to look at the layout of the level.

Some platforms are made of wood, and some are made of stone. Those that are wooden can be burnt if your head is still long enough to reach them. Sometimes burning a platform will reveal a new path, but you have to be quick. You can push the stones around and use them to get some extra height for a high platform or flame!

Tips & Tricks

Speed is Key

Moving quickly but thoughtfully is the key to success in this game. One of the best tips for playing Lifespan Candle is to spend a few moments assessing the level before you light your wick, then once you have move very quickly towards the goal.

Platforms that are burning can be walked on but only for a few moments before they incinerate and disappear. If you want to be good at this game, you have to move quickly. Practice your diagonal jumps!

Feel the Heat

A melting candle can be nerve-wracking, but don’t panic! You can actually use the melting mechanic to your advantage! As you play, you may encounter tighter spaces you can only fit in if you shrink down. 

lifespan candle melting

Light your flame and your wax body melt to fit into the tight spaces. To quickly put out your flame and avoid shrinking even more, find some water on the level to sit in. If your flame is close to the ground, even a small puddle will do!

Play Lifespan Candle Now

Do you think you can beat all the levels on Lifespan Candle? Do you have the speed and puzzle-solving skills to keep your little candle alive and help him reach his goals?

Try out the Lifespan Candle game now and see if you have what it takes to play this engaging but tricky short browser game. If you liked this game, why not also try Kirigami, where you play as a ninja and manipulate the level with your blade?

CMG Staff