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A Complete Guide on How to Play 'Keep It Powered'

CMG Staff / April 12, 2021
A Complete Guide on How to Play 'Keep It Powered'

Keep it Powered, a browser game developed by Robert Alvarez, is one of the many fun platforming puzzles you’ll find on Coolmath Games. You’ll have to be quick with your reaction time if you want to be successful with this game! 

We put together this guide about how to play Keep it Powered, along with some strategies to help you along the way. Let’s get right into it! 

What Is Keep It Powered?

Keep It Powered is a 2D arcade-style puzzle platformer where you must guide a tiny robot through a series of stages to the exit gate at the end. The only controls you need are the WASD keys to move and/or jump and the mouse in the level selection screen.

Trouble is, the robot has a small battery and needs constant recharges along the way. If he runs out of power, the game will kick you back to the start of the level.

how to play keep it powered out of power

Fortunately, battery pickups are scattered across the stage to give you recharges. However, you'll need to plan your path out and strategically space out your battery collection to get past the obstacles in your way.

Keep It Powered Tips and Tricks

One tip to keep in mind when playing the game is to watch out for the various obstacles. Red squares slow your character's movement, meaning you'll cover less ground while still wasting battery. Black gravity pads with red arrows prevent you from moving in a certain direction.

But not all game mechanics are out to get you. For example, yellow squares give you a speed boost, and you can push crates to make jumps that otherwise wouldn't work. 

how to play keep it powered

Stop to Succeed

While it seems counterintuitive for most video games, stopping your character dead in his tracks and taking a moment to think about your path is a great idea in this game. While the robot stands still, he doesn't expend battery regardless of how much charge is left. This means you can pause and re-evaluate your strategy mid-level with no consequence for halting.

Corner Jumping

To prevent frustration from smacking into the ceiling, try doing your platform jumps from the very edge of the platform (when the robot is about half over the edge) as opposed to before any part of the robot leaves the platform. The levels are tight, and early jumps can lead to you burning through too much battery power to fix.

Play This New Online Game Today 

So, now that you have this complete guide on how to play the new online game Keep It Powered, hop on over and start playing! And forget to check out the other games on our site for more free and family-friendly games you can play right from your web browser!


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