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Mutato Potato – A Beginner’s Guide

Griffin Bateson / August 8, 2023
Mutato Potato – A Beginner’s Guide

Your plant is being attacked and it is up to you to save it in Mutato Potato. Luckily, there is one defense that you have – potatoes. Fling them at the infected mutants in order to destroy them. Watch out though, if they aren’t taken care of in time, then these mutants will start to destroy your leaves. When the leaves run out, the game is over and you have failed. Fend off every wave in order to come out as the victor.

How to Play Mutato Potato

Learning how to play Mutato Potato is extremely easy. All players have to do is wait for a potato to appear in the roots of the plant. Click and hold back on the potato to launch it toward your enemies. Once a mutant is hit by a potato, they disappear and are no longer a problem. Watch out though, your enemies can both come from the ground and the sky.

After players have completed a round, they will be given an upgrade to deal with the next wave of enemies. Each round has 3 different options for abilities. These abilities vary greatly. Some abilities will help your potatoes grow faster, while other abilities will give your partners that can help you defend the roots together. Think long and hard about which ability you want, they all have their own distinct advantages.

Mutato Potato Strategies

Mutato Potato is not an aiming game for the weak. This game takes some real skill and coordination to win. It is not just a matter of learning how to play Mutato Potato, but also learning which strategies will help you achieve total victory.

Continue reading to learn 4 strategies that will help you become the best Mutato Potato player that you can be. These tactics are helpful for any Mutato Potato player, whether they are a novice or an expert.

Aim For Where Your Enemy Will Be, Not Where They Are

In Mutato Potato, the potato moves pretty slowly once fired. Players will have to predict how fast the mutants are going to be if they want to hit them. While at first, this might be a bit tough, you will eventually get it down. Just focus on your timing and the mutants will be annihilated in no time.

Select Abilities Wisely

How to Play Mutato Potato Blog Gameplay

At the end of each wave, players will have the option to select three different abilities that will aid them in their fight against mutants. One of the abilities that is typically most useful is the bee helper. This helper goes around and destroys mutants for you, no aiming is needed. This means that while you take care of mutants on one side of the map, the bee can buzz around and destroy enemies on the other side.

One of the other most helpful upgrades is the ability to shoot a spread of multiple potatoes at once. This gives players a much higher margin for error, as they don’t have to line up their potatoes perfectly in order to hit an enemy.

Of course, there are many other abilities that are helpful. We recommend that you experiment with all of them in order to see which ones are best suited for your playstyle.

Aim for the Closest Enemies

As the mutants start to approach, you will want to focus on the ones that are closest to the leaves. These mutants are your most important targets because they are the most likely to do damage to the potato plant. If your plant gets damaged too much, then it is game over and you lose. 

Don’t Rush

One of the key mistakes made by players who are just learning how to play Mutato Potato is that they rush their shots and end up making mistakes. Instead of just rapid-firing your potatoes as quickly as possible, focus more on taking your time and hitting every shot. Accuracy and strategy are what will help you reap success, not speed. Just stay calm and smart and Mutato Potato will be a breeze.

So now that you know how to play Mutato Potato, get out there and give it a try! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be destroying hordes of potato mutants in no time.