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99 Balls Tips and Tricks – A Complete Guide

Griffin Bateson / August 10, 2023
99 Balls Tips and Tricks – A Complete Guide

One of the more modern classics on Coolmath Games is 99 Balls, an aiming game that came out in 2018. 99 Balls has become a popular game amongst fans because of its simple yet fun gameplay. However, not everyone knows the rules of the game, let alone some strategies to make the experience a little bit slower. Let's continue on to learn about the goals of 99 Balls.

Objective of 99 Balls

The objective of 99 Balls is very simple – take out all of the balls that appear on the map. As you collect rings around the map, you will be given more balls to shoot at the targets on the map.

On the other side of things, every time you shoot a shot, more targets will appear. It is kind of a never ending stream of enemies, similar to 2048. The goal is to make it as far as you can in the game without the waves of enemies overtaking the map. This will only continue to get more difficult over time. To combat this, let's take a look at a few 99 Balls strategies.

99 Balls Strategies

One of the best parts about playing 99 Balls is how easy it is to learn. You just have to click and drag back to aim your shot. Let go and start wreaking havoc on the targets. However, just because learning how to play 99 Balls is easy, this does not mean that succeeding in the game is a cakewalk. Continue on to learn some 99 Ball strategies to help you become a projectile-launching champion.

Efficiency is key

Making the most of every opportunity is the name of the game when it comes to the 99 Balls strategy. Try and get angles that will not only hit one target and bounce right back. Instead, aim for areas of the map where several targets will be hit with the same ball.

This may not seem very important for the first 10 or 15 waves. However, if you don’t do the small things correctly in the beginning, then it will stack up later on. Try and be as efficient as possible, even at the very beginning when there aren’t very many targets to deal with.

Think about your angles

99 Balls Strategy Blog Gameplay

Not only do you have to think about how the rings will deflect against the walls, but you should also think about rings will deflect against the targets. Oftentimes, you will be able to access a very weak point of the map by bouncing your projectiles off of one target and toward the others. Make sure to consider this strategy when deciding where to aim at. It is one of the most important 99 Balls strategies that a player can have in their arsenal.

Use the dotted line

Whenever you go to release your rings at the targets, there will be a dotted line letting you know exactly where you are firing. This line will give you valuable information on where you are aiming, as well as how the rings will react after hitting either the wall or a target. Make sure to utilize this helpful game mechanic to the best of your ability.

Don’t let stars or rings go to the bottom

The most common way to lose is for the targets to go all the way down to the bottom of the map. Once they do this, it is game over. However, there is another way to lose. If the rings or stars that are scattered throughout the map make it to the very bottom, this also ends the game. Make sure to collect these before they reach the bottom in order to ensure that you can continue playing. This is a rare way to lose the game, but you should still keep an eye out for it just in case.

So now that you know a few key 99 Balls strategies, make sure to give this game a try. There is a reason that so many players love this aiming game – it’s just a ton of fun! Not only are the controls easy to learn, but the gameplay itself is exciting and challenging.