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Papa’s Burgeria – A Complete Guide

Griffin Bateson / February 9, 2023
Papa’s Burgeria – A Complete Guide

When it comes to grabbing a bite to eat, there’s not much that beats a classic diner. The giant steaming griddles, the hissing of meat hitting the grill, and of course the giant burgers that get served to customers. With all the excitement that goes on in a diner, it’s no surprise that Papa’s Burgeria is one of the most popular games from the Papa’s series.

It was gone for a few years here at Coolmath Games, but Papa’s Burgeria is back and better than ever. Some of you may be new to the Papa’s series, or you may have just forgotten the small details of this classic burger game. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of a few key strategies to help you out. Before we get to that though, let’s go over the basic ins and outs of how to play Papa’s Burgeria.

How to Play Papa’s Burgeria

Papa’s Burgeria is divided into three sections – the order station, the grill station, and the burger assembly station.

The order station is the simplest aspect of the game. Players must go up to the front counter and take the orders of hungry customers. Once the order is written down, players will take the ticket and put it onto the string that holds the tickets. Be warned, the burgers that are on the grill will continue to cook as you take the orders. Make sure that you have enough time to take orders before the burgers get burned.

At the grill station, players put the beef patties onto the grill to cook. As you cook the burgers, it will tell you how far along each burger is by a clock that appears when you hover over the burger. Once you get halfway through the cook time, flip over the burger and wait for it to finish. Side note: Customers can order their burgers either rare, medium, or well-done. Make sure to keep track of this when examining their tickets.

Finally, the burger assembly station is where players will assemble the cheeseburgers and send them out to the customers. This part is pretty straightforward. Just follow the customer’s ticket and put on the toppings in the order that they list. Center the ingredients up as straight as you can on the burger and submit it! Don't take too long though, customers get impatient quickly.

Papa’s Burgeria Strategies

Learning how to play Papa’s Burgeria is fairly straightforward. However, when it comes to succeeding in the later levels of Papa’s Burgeria, it can get awfully tricky. As more customers come in with more complicated orders, you will need a few tricks at your disposal to serve up some great service.

Use the burger warmer

Players can make burgers in advance before customers actually place their orders. This can save players valuable time considering that making burgers is the most time-consuming activity in the game. Once the burger is cooked on the griddle, put it in the bottom-right corner near the grill to keep it warm. Be warned though, it will eventually cool down!

Pay attention to the details

How to Play Papas Burgeria Gameplay

Small details will make the difference between a good tip and a great tip. This means that you shouldn’t cut corners on small things like cooking a burger all the way through, or putting the burger toppings in the center of the burger. These small details can add up to a lot as the game progresses.

Multitasking is extremely important

Understanding how to efficiently multitask is a critical part of Papa’s Burgeria. You should never be standing still in this game. There is almost always a task for you to do. Whether that is taking orders, preparing burgers, or stacking on toppings, you should always be on the lookout for what you can do. Efficiency is key in Papa’s Burgeria.

Upgrade your equipment

As you continue to earn money, you will be able to spend it on upgrades for the diner. These upgrades will end up making you money in the long run, even if you have to spend a little bit upfront. There are all sorts of upgrades that you can make in order to get bigger tips later on in the game.

One option is to get some decorations for the diner. This makes waiting customers more patient and thus won't mind having to wait to have their orders taken. You can get all sorts of items for the diner, such as posters, a jukebox, or even a gumball machine.

Other upgrades will improve your cooking ability. You can purchase a heat lamp that will keep patties warmer for longer while they wait to be assembled into burgers. You can also purchase timers that will alert you when a patty is ready to be flipped. There is even a doorbell that can be purchased, which will make a ding noise whenever a new customer enters Papa’s Burgeria, no matter which station you are at.

Now that you know a little bit more about how to play Papa’s Burgeria, make sure to go and check it out now! It was just recently made playable here at Coolmath Games again, so go have some exciting and nostalgic fun.