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How to Play the Puzzle Blocks Game: Your Guide to 3 Stars

Maddy Marcus / January 29, 2021
How to Play the Puzzle Blocks Game: Your Guide to 3 Stars

Precision, speed, and a little extra brainpower can go a long way when mastering a game like Puzzle Blocks: Ancient. Like most block puzzle games, no two levels are alike. Each level provides a fresh new board for you to tackle. As you progress in our Puzzle Blocks game, you may even encounter two or more puzzles in one. Puzzle Blocks: Ancient will give you a great mental workout and a bit of exploration into ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, and Persia as you work towards that perfect score! 

How to Play Puzzle Blocks

At the start of each level, you’ll find the blocks scattered around the board. All the pieces will fit in the shaded areas of the puzzle in some way, even if it doesn’t seem that way at first! Your goal is to arrange the blocks in the shaded areas of the board as quickly as you can, using as few moves as possible. 

To move the blocks, click and drag with your mouse. Release the block over a group of squares in the same shape to drop it into place. However, not every block will fit perfectly on the board in its starting position. Click on a block once to rotate it clockwise. Keep clicking on it to change the position until it fits the space. Rotating a block will use up your moves, so try to limit the number of clicks to when you really need that perfect fit. 

If you’re having trouble, you could always use a hint! You start the game off with 10 hints and gain one more for every level you complete. You’ll earn more points on a level if you don’t use any of your hints, so it’s best to save those for when you’re stuck on a puzzle. 

Your score is calculated based on the number of moves you made on each puzzle, the amount of time you spent, and how many hints you have left. Knowing this should help you maintain that perfect, 3-star score! 

How to Get 3 Stars in Every Level

When striving for that perfect score, there are a few things you need to consider first:

  1. How many puzzles are in one level
  2. The number of clicks you can use in each one. 
  3. How fast you can solve the puzzles. 

As we said before, some levels are made up of 2 or more puzzles. You’ll be able to see how many puzzles there are by looking at the top left corner of the screen. If you are playing a level with more than one puzzle, it’s helpful to use as few moves as possible on the first puzzle. This way, you have more wiggle room to use up clicks later on when you’ll need it most. Just keep an eye on the star meter on the top of the screen! If you drop down a star, you’ll know you’ve made one too many moves. 

Start by taking a few seconds to study the patterns on the board. Can any blocks fit into the shaded squares as they are at the start? Clicking and dragging a block to a space will use up less moves than having to rotate them around until they fit. Plan the placement of each block carefully to use up the least amount of moves.

If the level contains blocks in the same shape, but in different positions, you can experiment with swapping those blocks on the board. It might save you a bit of clicking, leading you closer to that three-star win. 

A bit of repetition can be helpful when solving puzzles. If you find yourself losing stars quickly, simply reset the level and try again. You may want to use this strategy sparingly on levels with multiple challenges, since restarting means you’ll be back to square one. 

It’s also key to remember the time it takes you to solve a level affects your final score. Repeating levels a few times can help you move faster and add more points to your score. 

Time to Play Our Puzzle Blocks Game!

Now that you’ve studied how to play Puzzle Blocks, it’s time to put those skills to the test! Head on over to Puzzle Blocks Ancient to apply what you learned here. Keep these strategies in mind and you’ll be sure to get a perfect three-star score every time.