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Maddy Marcus


vicky from coolmath games the game

Maddy is best known for her work as Social Media Manager for Coolmath Games. Before diving into social media full time, she helped establish the blog by writing detailed instructions and various information pages. Her favorite games include Bloxorz and the Big Tower Tiny Square series. She also makes a cameo as Vicky from Coolmath Games: The Game.

Latest From Maddy Marcus

checkers board how to play checkers

How to Play Checkers: A Step-By-Step Guide

May 16, 2022
Everybody loves checkers! Learn everything there is about how to play checkers, then test your skills.

What to Expect When Playing Our Games

March 18, 2022
We can say with confidence the Coolmath Games experience is unlike any other you’ll find on the web - with no microtransactions, malicious content, or explicit advertisements. 
chess coolmath games

How To Play Chess

March 4, 2022
It's never too late to learn how to play Chess! Get all the best tips and strategies to win your next game.
how to play snake coolmath games

How to Play Snake: Mastering a Classic

March 2, 2022
Learn how to play Snake with this quick and easy guide. Read some tips and tricks and use them to eat as many apples as you can!
coolmath games reversi strategy

How to Play - Reversi Strategy and Basics

March 1, 2022
Reversi is easy to learn, but hard to master. Learn how to play reversi with some of the best strategies.
how to play color filler

Push, Snap & Fill: Learn How to Play Color Filler

April 20, 2021
Color Filler is a simple puzzle game where you play as a gray cube whose goal is to move the other colored blocks into their designated spaces.
how to play tower tops thumbnail

How to Play Tower Tops & Save the Village

April 5, 2021
The game may seem as simple as grabbing some keys and climbing a few ladders, but there’s a catch! You won’t be able to retrace your steps as you wander through the halls of the tower.  
how to play memoflip

How to Play Memoflip: Train Your Brain to the Beat

March 26, 2021
Memoflip, a game developed by Havana24, combines the fun of a rhythm game with the challenge of a memory tester. In order to be successful, you’ll need a quick reaction time and some pretty good ears.
how to play retro ping pong

How to Play Retro Ping Pong: A Complete Guide

March 17, 2021
Retro Ping-Pong’ captures the feel of the 1972 classic, while throwing in an added challenge for experienced players. Learn how to play Retro Ping Pong & all about Action Modes.
tic tac toe history

Tic Tac Toe History: Three-in-a-Row Through The Ages

March 4, 2021
Tic Tac Toe history dates back as far as 1300 B.C. From the days of old to the present, let’s explore the history of this timeless classic.