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Rotated Cups – A Strategy Guide to the Rotating Game

Griffin Bateson / July 27, 2023
Rotated Cups – A Strategy Guide to the Rotating Game

Sometimes games don’t have to be incredibly complicated or rigorous, they can just be good, clean fun. That is exactly what you get when playing Rotated Cups. The objective isn’t complicated – get every single ball into a cup by rotating the platforms that they are on. It doesn’t take complicated controls or graphics to be a great game though. Sometimes you just have to let the gameplay speak for itself.

How to Play Rotated Cups

Learning how to play Rotated Cups is incredibly easy. The only buttons that users have to press are the left and right arrow keys. These keys move the platforms back and forth. Be warned though – it’s impossible to move one platform without moving the rest of them at the same time. This means that players will have to think about how every platform will move in unison with the order. You will have to get good at this to win the game.

To move on to the next level, every single ball must find its way into a cup. If one of the balls falls off of the map, it is game over and the level will automatically restart. Even if most of the balls have already found their way to a cup, if eveen one ball falls off then it is a complete reset.

Rotated Cups Strategies

Yes, when it comes to learning how to play Rotated Cups, the controls are very simple. However, that doesn’t mean that players can just fly through this game without putting any thought or strategy into their game plan. The odds are that you will likely run into some tough situations down the road. That’s what we are here for, giving you some helpful tactics for when times get hard. Read on to learn 4 tips to help you beat Rotated Cups.

Pay Attention to the Variables

There will be a lot of platforms that are moving at once as you continue to play Rotated Cups. Make sure to not get tunnel vision when playing this game. You will need to account for every single ball, not just one. If you don’t, then it is almost a guarantee that one of the balls will fall off of the map. One way to avoid this is to move slowly and methodically. There is no timer in this game, so take advantage of the choice to take your time. It will help you down the road.

Take Cup Size into Account

Some cups are larger than others. There are small cups that can only fit 1 ball in them, while others can fit 2. This means that certain cups may not have enough space. You will need to plan out how you are going to find a home for each ball. Before you start the level, think about how you are going to correctly maneuver the level to mak sure every ball has a cup that it can fit into. 

Don’t Rush

How to Play Rotated Cups Blog Gameplay

The most useful piece of information that we have about Rotated Cups is that going slow is almost always an advantage. Sure, some people have beaten Rotated Cups in about 10 minutes. Unless you are trying to speedrun Rotated Cups, then speed is of little importance. What is important though is that you complete the game. Make a game plan for each level and take a few seconds to think about how you are going to execute it.

Take Breaks

There are 36 levels in Rotated Cups, which is a pretty grueling amount. After 20 or 30 levels, you might run into a little bit of burnout. Not to worry though, all you have to do is take a small break. Pushing through the fatigue won’t work as well as you may think. Oftentimes, players will end up playing sloppy and making tons of mistakes. To try and avoid this, do something fun like grab a snack or take a short walk. Whatever it is, this will end up helping you in the long run.

Now that you have learned 4 of our best tips and tricks on how to play Rotated Cups, go and give the game a try! By combining these tactics together, you should be a Rotated Cups rockstar.