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Build an Empire with These Assembling Games

Griffin Bateson / July 25, 2023
Build an Empire with These Assembling Games

Are you looking for an activity where you can build and create different materials and structures? Well, check out these 5 assembling games that we have here at Coolmath Games. There are a ton of these kinds of assembling games on our site, most of which you can find on the building games page. We compiled a list of 5 of our favorite assembling games that you can check out.

Our Favorite Assembling Games

These are all games that will especially appeal to beginners of the genre. There are different kinds of assembling games, of course, ranging from skill games, to idle games, to puzzle games. Peruse this list and see if any of these games stand out to you. Who knows, you might just find your newest go-to game. 


Jacksmith Assembly Games Blog

In Jacksmith, players are assembling some of the most fun items that there are. Swords, axes, and bows are all items that you must construct for the army that is waiting on you. While this game is tons of fun, it definitely comes with its fair share of challenges. Pounding out the steel perfectly while making swords and lining up the bow strings are just a couple of challenges that await you. However, if you do everything perfectly, then you will be rewarded with new tools and materials to use.

Learn how to play Jacksmith with this fun and interesting blog about our blacksmithing game. It's definitely worth the read if you haven't played Jacksmith before.

Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is probably the most well-known game on this entire list. In this game, players must take over the pizza shop for their Uncle, also known as Papa Louie. Assemble pizzas quickly and efficiently to make sure that customers get the correct order. Your speed, accuracy, and attention to detail all matter in this thrilling cooking game

If you end up enjoying Papa's Pizzeria, there are a ton of similar games from the Papa's Series. They are all fast-paced assembling games that have become fan favorites over the years. 

City Blocks

City Blocks Assembling Games Blog Gameplay

Assemble your very own village in the game City Blocks! In this matching game, players must connect buildings in groups of 3 in order to create the next largest structure available. The larger the house that players build, the more people that can fit into the village! This assembling game requires strategy and the ability to plan ahead in order to succeed.

To learn how to build the best city possible, check out our blog on how to play City Blocks. It is full of strategies to help you run a successful city.

Mr. Mine

Miners assemble! In this idle game, players must assemble better parts in order to drill out rare items and better materials. Players can make tons of upgrades, such as purchasing more miners to extract materials. Players can also spend money to upgrade the drill, which will help them dig deeper and deeper into the ground. The deeper that you go, the rarer and more valuable the materials are. 

Mr. Mine is tons of fun to play, but it can be a little bit difficult to understand what everything does at first. For some basic information, read the article on how to play Mr. Mine. It will help you get off to a strong start. You'll be collecting expensive ores in no time!


Grindcraft Assembling Games Blog

Who doesn't love to play a fun digging game once in a while? In Grindcraft, players are starting with the most basic material that there is – wood. Use this resource to build items that can help you create more advanced tools. For example, players can use wood blocks and sticks to make a wooden pickaxe, which allows them to mine stone. Make a stone pickaxe and use that tool to mine iron. Eventually, your tools will get good enough to mine the best material in the game – diamond.

Of course, there are a ton of other aspects that go into this assembling game. For example, players can build houses and farms in order to create their own community that villagers can live in. There are practically endless items that can be created in Grindcraft, so just get on out there and start crafting.

If you do end up struggling and need some advice, learn how to play Grindcraft with this quick and easy blog. There are some basic tips to help you get started if you are new to the game and need a little bit of help.

So now that you have learned about 5 fun and interesting assembling games, get out there and start testing them out! There are a variety of games in this article, so the odds are that at least one of them will stick out to you.