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Slice Master – A Beginner’s Guide

Griffin Bateson / September 28, 2023
Slice Master – A Beginner’s Guide

Slice Master is one of the most popular new games here at Coolmath Games. This game is kind of like a mix of Swing Monkey and Candy Jump. Players must move through each stage, trying to chop up as many objects as they can.

How to Play Slice Master

The controls of Slice Master are extremely basic. Slice Master is a one-button game. All you need to do is click in order to jump. Players will begin to fall about a second after jumping, so the timing can be a little bit difficult to master at first.

At the end of the map, players will run into a large pillar with a ton of different targets. Each target has a different effect on the points that players have collected. Some targets will add to your point total, while others will take a ton of points away. Flip with precision and try to stick your knife into one of the targets that will give you additional points.

Slice Master Strategies

You might not think that there is much to learning how to play Slice Master considering there is only one button to press. However, there is actually a lot of strategy and nuance that comes with this fun skill game. Continue on to learn 4 helpful tips and tricks in order to succeed.

Stay in Motion

Sometimes players will end up hitting a wall or object with the blunt end of their knife. Don’t worry, this won’t end your round. You will simply bounce off the wall and go into a free fall. Make sure to continue clicking and moving. Staying in motion will give you a chance to earn more points and continue your round.

Watch out for spikes

How to Play Slice Master Blog Gameplay

There are sets of pink spikes that are set up along your path. While these are easy to avoid at the beginning of the game, they are not so easy to maneuver around in the later rounds. You will have to time your flips with precision in order to survive the round.

If you do get hit, players will be reset all the way back to the beginning of the stage and lose all of the money that they collected on the level. This means that it isn’t a big deal to hit a spike at the beginning of a level, but it can be extremely frustrating if it’s at the end. Use caution and foresight once you get near the end to keep your points.

Go for the bonus level

When players make it to the end of a level, they will run into a column of different targets to hit. It is wise to try and aim for the target that says "bonus". While it is usually a difficult target to hit, the risk is well worth it.

Once players hit the bonus level target, they are taken to a new level that is full of big-ticket items to destroy. In this level, you will earn significantly more coins than you would on a normal level. The further you get, the more that you earn, so make sure to take this stage seriously.

Upgrade for new skins

Before starting a new stage, there will be an option to unlock a new skin. This option is in the bottom-left corner of the screen. It costs players 5,000 coins to unlock the first new skin at random. After that, skins get progressively more expensive. One nice aspect of the game is that players can watch a short ad in exchange for a hefty amount of coins. We heavily recommend doing this, it will save a ton of time.

Now that you know how to play Slice Master, hop into the game and give it a try. Follow our 4 tips and tricks to give yourself a good shot at unlocking every single skin and completing the game.