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Mini Bowl: The Complete Guide to Our Bowling Game

Griffin Bateson / June 15, 2022
Mini Bowl: The Complete Guide to Our Bowling Game

With all of the sports games here at Coolmath Games, it is surprising that we haven’t had a bowling game yet. After all, it is one of the most common sports to play in the US. For those of you waiting for a fun and fast-paced bowling game on our site, the wait is over! Mini Bowl is a fun and fast-paced bowling game that will appeal to just anyone who enjoys aiming games

How to Play Mini Bowl

Mini Bowl is an action-packed game with a simple objective - knock down all of the pins. Unlike traditional bowling, where players are trying to knock down 10 pins, Mini Bowl has varying amounts of pins to knock down, often spread out all over the map. Players have one throw to topple over every single pin and move on to the next level. 

To throw the bowling ball, simply click on the ball and drag it back. The further you drag the ball back, the more power you will generate. Once you have the power level you think is needed for the level, simply release it.

If you don’t end up knocking down all of the pins on a level, it’s no big deal! You will simply restart the level and give it another shot. See how quickly you can complete all 40 levels of our unique bowling game.

Tips & Tricks for Mini Bowl

Now that you know how to play Mini Bowl, let’s get into the good stuff - how to win at Mini Bowl. We’ve compiled a list of a few necessary strategies that you will need to conquer all 40 levels of our bowling game. Without further ado, let’s ROLL on into it.

Use the Edges to Your Advantage

Bowling Game Tips and Tricks

Most of the levels won’t be very straightforward. Even on level 2, players will have to ricochet the bowling ball off of a wall to hit the last pin, Don’t worry, it doesn’t function like a normal bowling ball. These balls deflect off of the edges of the map like it’s nothing. They lose little to no speed from it, so take advantage of this feature early and often.

Avoid the Spikes

This one is probably pretty obvious to most players, but avoid the spikes at all costs. If you hit a spike, the level will automatically reset. Do your best to avoid spikes and you should be able to get through all of the levels pretty smoothly.

Control Your Speed

Bowling Game Control Your Speed

There will be some levels of Mini Bowl where players have to use a very specific amount of power, rather than just pulling back all the way and launching the bowling ball at breakneck speeds. This will be especially evident in the harder levels. As you progress in Mini Bowl, the game no longer becomes just about aiming at the correct spots. Instead, players will need to place the ball correctly, as well as aim with the correct power.

Games to Play Once You Finish Mini Bowl

While this is currently the only bowling game here at Coolmath Games, we have a couple of other sports games that you may enjoy after you check out Mini Bowl. Much like Mini Bowl, these games all take strategy, coordination, and aiming.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Bowling Game

8 Ball Pool is not only one of the most popular sports games on our site, it is just one of our most popular games hands down. Players must use angles and speed control in order to hit in the pool balls using the cue ball. It takes great skill and planning if you want to win in 8 Ball Pool.

To learn more about 8 Ball Pool, check out our Coolmath Games blog on how to play 8 Ball Pool.

Basketball Master 2

Basketball Master 2 Bowling Game

In Basketball Master 2, players must break through wood and ice to get to the basket. Creativity and aiming are necessary skills in Basketball Master 2. Unlike Mini Bowl, you will have to account for how gravity will affect the ball. Dodge the defenders and collect all 3 stars on every map to win the game!

Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer Bowling Game

Beach Soccer is one of our favorite soccer games at Coolmath Games. Players will need to use their touch and their timing to score a goal while earning all 3 stars. Just watch out for the crabs that are trying to get in your way! This is one of the harder games here at Coolmath Games, it will take a real soccer expert to make it to the end.

We, what are you waiting for! Go and try out our newest bowling games here at Coolmath Games, Mini Bowl. Apply the tips and tricks that we gave you and you’ll beat the game in no time. Make sure to give it a rating when you are done.